• Smoking Products to Pair with Your Halloween Costume

    Smoking Products to Pair with Your Halloween Costume
    Getting ready for a killer fright night but don’t know what to bring along for the perfect spooky smoking setup? Have no fear. Here are five essential things that will help you make the most of your smoky Halloween this year, whether you’re big into dressing up or want to keep it casually costumed.  1. Pair a Costume with a Themed Pipe and Accessories...
  • The Spookiest Halloween Themed Glass

    The Spookiest Halloween Themed Glass
    Halloween is coming up quickly, and if you’re looking for the best way to celebrate the season of scares, consider picking up some spooky glass. Here are our top recommendations for the creepiest, most shudder-inducing pipes and bongs to freak out your friends and gross out your guests. DankStop’s Ghostly Bubbler When there’s something strange in the blaze-borhood, who you gonna call? Dankstop, duh....
  • Cleverly Themed: Empire Glassworks

    Cleverly Themed: Empire Glassworks
    Specializing in uniquely themed glass, Empire Glassworks has garnered quite the reputation with their intricate yet fully functional pieces. From tiny dabbers to elaborate bongs, Empire Glassworks creates truly awe-inspiring art that you can use in your smoking and/or dabbing life. Balancing looks and functionality can be difficult (and sometimes expensive) but they do it flawlessly. In this brand review we will look at...