• 1000+ products stocked in USA

  • Full automation via Crowdship.io App 

  • Real time Inventory Sync

  • Auto Order Submission & Fulfullment

What is "Drop Shipping"?

Drop shipping is the process of a vendor (DankStop) fulfilling retail orders on behalf of your retail website. We ship products directly to your customer, giving your visitors access to our entire catalog of water pipes, glass pipes, grinders, vapes and more without you having to spend a dime on inventory. You’ll never have to deal with inventory or shipping, allowing you to focus on what you do best: Sales.


Put drop shipping on autopilot all the way from data entry to invoicing with our fully automated process. 

Install the Crowdship.io App

Import products & images, configure settings, and you're ready to start making sales within just a few minutes. 

Drive Traffic, Generate Sales

Whether you're a eCommerce site, headshop, dispensary, or marketer -- your audience is ready to purchase! 

We Handle all the Logistics

No need to notify us! Our system automatically processes your orders, fulfills them, and send back tracking!

Market and Get More Sales!

Leverage DankStop's massive USA inventory to grow your online store into a thriving powerhouse. 


We understand marketing and SEO, and make it easy to generate quality, unique content that will entice your audience. Easily order samples through DankStop for photos and video marketing, or to host your own giveaway!


As an industry leader in eCommerce since 2014, DankStop has gathered data on over 1 million orders shipped to more than 500,000 customers. Our catalog has been curated to offer maximum variaty, quality, and margins to wholesale customers and drop shippers. 


We've partnered with Crowdship.io to create a seamless, completely automated workflow. Forget about CSV Files and Copy/Pasting order info! Crowdship automatically detects and fulfills items you sold, charges your account, and automatically updates tracking in your Shopify store!

Why Drop Ship with DankStop? 

Since 2016, we've been paving the way for Cannabis industry drop shipping. From offering the first beta tests back then, to building our own custom software, we deeply understand the complex problems ahead of online retailers in 2020. From data entry to purchase order management, we've used our experience having manually processed thousands of drop ship orders to craft a seamless, profitable platform for those who wish to leverage our comprehensive infrastructure. Take advantage of our extensive catalog, 5-star support, fast shipping times, and accurate accounting to build a truly scalable business of your own.


If you're new to drop shipping these products, you'll quickly learn that Shopify (and most mainstream processors) don't allow the sale of Glass Pipes and accessories. 

Not to worry, we've got you covered.

Our Drop Ship catalog contains 1000+ of the hottest smoking accessory and CBD products from the ever growing list of brands below.

Drop Shipping FAQ

How does DankStop Drop Shipping Work? 

Sign up today to install our Shopify App, Crowdship.io. From there you can add our products, track orders, and view your margins in one simple dashboard and just a few clicks. As your customers place orders, Crowdship automatically detects one of our items has sold, and we'll take care of the rest. No need to email, submit orders, etc. Crowdship will fulfill the order, update inventory, and send back tracking without any human interaction. 

How much does it cost to sign up? 

DankStop does not charge any drop ship fees. Crowdship costs $129 per month, and a 7% fee for each transaction. You must sign up for at least 3 months, and you can cancel at any time after that. If you do not cancel, you will be billed at $129/month. 

What are the margins? 

Our catalog offers a wide variety of brands and products. The average margin is 40%, with some items having much higher or lower markups. You will need to pay for postage for each order, which is charged automatically based on the order weight at the time of sale. 

Can I set my own product prices? 

Yes! You can sell products at a higher or lower price than suggested, unless the product has a "MAP Policy" tag. 

Can I see which products are available for drop shipping? 

Install the Crowdship app on your Shopify store and click the "Products" tab. Here you will find a list of all available product by brand, along with costs, prices, and profit margins. 

You can add one product to your store in Demo mode. To sync more products, you'll need to upgrade to the Business Plan. 

What eCommerce platforms does DankStop support? 

CrowdShip is currently only supporting websites hosted on Shopify. We are working on direct integration for WooCommerce and Magento. To be notified about additional platform releases, please fill out this form

How do I make changes to my CrowdShip account? 

To make changes to your default billing method, or store information, or to cancel your Crowdship Subscription,  please contact support@dankstop.com or 844-326-5786.

How do I get out of "demo mode"?

Demo mode provides access to view our catalog, pricing, margins, and import up to one product to test the Crowdship functionality. 

To add more than one product, and to begin syncing orders, you'll need to upgrade to the paid subscription. Add your company info, contact preferences, and payment method from the "Account" tab in your CrowdShip dashboard. 

I still have questions! 

We're here to help. Contact support for any drop shipping related questions: 

Email: support@dankstop.com

Phone: 844-326-5786

Support Hours: Mon - Fri 10am - 6pm EST