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Millions of smokers 

are waiting to buy your products.

Growth hack your way into the Cannabis industry with DankStop Marketplace.

Launch your products. Get discovered. Grow your brand. 

What is DankStop Marketplace?




Supplier Dashboard

Automated Cart Integration

Easily Upload Products

Automated Payouts

What is DankStop Marketplace?

Part of a $6 billion total addressable market, DankStop is the premier online retail outlet for cannabis accessories. 

With more than 1 million orders shipped to date, our platform has gained a massive customer base. To better serve our audience, we've opened up our catalog to brands and suppliers worldwide.

We’re driving customer loyalty and building market share by offering an easy and enjoyable way to shop for Cannabis accessories online.

Repeat Customers



Supplier Dashboard

Automated Cart Integration

Easily Upload Products

Automated Payouts

The Magic of DankStop

Unlike traditional marketplaces such as Amazon, Etsy, eBay, and others,

DankStop Marketplace not only allows you to sell your Cannabis accessories, we encourage it!

Grow Your Business With DankStop. 

We cover the cost of: Shipping Labels, Credit Card Processing, and Customer Service -- letting you focus on what matters most: growing your brand.

We’ve built DankStop Marketplace so you can easily integrate your catalog, manage orders, arrange shipments and provide customer care. Millions of our customers can’t wait to see what you have in store.

DankStop can also partner with your brand to drive promotions via website banners, emails blasts, social media promotions and more! 


Join our marketplace, and gain access to millions of customers who have placed more than 150,000 orders in the last 12 months! 


We treat our partners like family. From free professional product photography to competitive wholesale prices, we make selling on DankStop fast and easy.


Through millions in global ad spend last year, and annual promotions like 4/20, we drive customers directly to your products.


Suppliers use our intuitive Supplier Portal to process and ship orders, manage inventory, accept returns, request payouts and more -- all to make online sales a breeze.

How does it work? 

Sell your products next to the wide assortment sold by DankStop and other Marketplace sellers

Step 1:

Add Your Products

Our product listing portal makes adding your items a breeze. You can also import your products via CSV, or directly from your Shopify store using our Shopify App.

Step 2:

Fulfill Your Orders

Fulfill orders right inside Shopify, and we'll handle the rest. Don't have Shopify?  Print labels right from your Supplier Dashboard or import tracking from your existing ERP.

Step 3:

Get Paid

DankStop offers flexible payment options. We don't charge for setup or monthly fees! The wholesale price you enter is the price you will be paid 

What Products Can You Sell? 

Unlike traditional marketplaces such as Amazon, Etsy, eBay, etc, DankStop Marketplace not only allows you to sell your Cannabis accessories, we encourage it! 

See where you fit:

Dabbing Gear
Rolling Supplies
Glass Pipes
Dab Rigs

Why Sell on DankStop Marketplace?

Easily Upload Photos

Quickly upload product photos right into our Supplier Dashboard, or import them from a variety of platforms and ERP systems. If the images exist, we can do it.

Need Product Photography?

We'll do it, for FREE. We want all products to look their best on our marketplace. Send us a sample and we'll do the rest.
Real Time Inventory Sync

Our system keeps track of inventory as you sell and restock. Simply use our Supplier Portal to update quantity or upload inventory updates as often as necessary. 

Doing Large Volume? 

Our team will work with you to set up inventory and order automation no matter which ERP system you're on.
Simple Pricing Structure

No monthly fees or set up charges. Enter your wholesale price and that's exactly what you'll get paid. DankStop pays for 100% of shipping costs. 

Need Help Marketing? 

Contact our Marketing Team to discuss some campaign options to elevate your brand in listings and sales.

Can't find Your question? Email us: support@dankstop.com

General Questions: 
Are there fees when working with DankStop?

No. DankStop doesn't take a percentage of our partners’ sales like other traditional e-commerce retailers. We operate on the wholesale cost model, meaning we pay our partners the wholesale cost of their items, and we set the retail price.

How do I request to sell on DankStop Marketplace? 

Go to the “Request to Sell” page and complete the DankStop Marketplace application. If approved, you’ll acknowledge our Retailer Agreement and then start the on-boarding process to get your products on DankStop.com.

Do partners pay for shipping?

No. DankStop operates on the dropship model, so we send the customer order to your warehouse, then you pick, pack, and prepare to send the product directly to the end customer. DankStop arranges and pays for 100% of the ship cost, unless you prefer to arrange shipping and give us tracking info. If you do this, you can pass the shipping charge on to us. 

What is the timeline for getting my products on-site?

A dedicated onboarding team is available and ready to assist you with onboarding. The setup process can take as little as two weeks, and partners can begin seeing sales within days after launching. 

Once you have been approved as a seller and there is a DankStop Marketplace Retailer Agreement in place, you will receive an “Invitation to Sign Up” email that will contain next steps and a designated window for signing up. Then, you will register on Seller Center and integrate your items and fulfillment system with DankStop through our partner platform, Crowdship.io. Once you are ready to go live, your items will be made visible to customers.

How do I get paid?

DankStop is flexible with your payment options. Some suppliers often opt to bill us on NET terms to reduce accounting expense. We handle all payment processing & fees, and can issue your payouts via Check, ACH Bank Transfer, Paypal, or Credit Card.

Product Upload Questions: 
What type of products can I sell on DankStop? 

You can sell any type of product currently for sale on our retail offering. We specialize in Bongs, Vapes, Pipes, and general headshop supplies, but you're welcome to upload any type of product you want, and we'll let you know if it has a place on DankStop. 

What about SKU minimums/maximums and limited specialty inventory?

There are no SKU minimums or maximums, so list your entire catalog of eligible items with us. Limited inventory can be managed by setting a fixed threshold. Items without inventory are not available for sale on DankStop.com.

How do I add and manage my listings and promote my items?

You can manage your listings through our Seller Center Portal, Crowship.io API, or a third-party Shopping Cart Provider. Promotional pricing can also be managed via bulk upload or manually.

What will my product listings look like on DankStop.com?

They will look like other items that are being sold on Walmart.com but include your company information, such as shipping, return policy and contact information.

What if I don't have High Quality, "White Background" photos? 

No worries. You can send us a sample of each SKU. We'll take high quality product photos and send them back within 30 days at no charge. Please contact us for more information before shipping samples. 

Order Fulfillment Questions: 
How do I check for and process orders?

You will receive orders in Seller Center or through your Integrated Shopping Cart. In addition to checking for them throughout the day, the administrator for your account can set up email notifications in Seller Center.

What are the shipping requirements?

You can select the carriers, shipping price and shipping method when you set up your seller profile in Seller Center. We have five shipping methods available. Orders must be shipped in non-branded packaging and can’t include materials from any company other than DankStop.

What about returns and customer service?

Returns for Marketplace purchases are designed to offer customers a consistent experience across DankStop.com. You can view the full return policy on Seller Help. Your customer service information will not be displayed on DankStop, but we will need it on file so our support team can contact you.

Payment Questions: 
If approved, what fees do I have to pay?

There are no setup, subscription or monthly fees. 

How are items priced?

DankStop sets the pricing for all items. 

What is the payment schedule and method?

Suppliers are paid via ACH or their preferred method every week.

How are refunds handled?

You will manage refunds resulting from valid returns through Seller Center.  Refund requests will appear alongside the original order information. 

Who pays the credit card fees?

DankStop pays all credit card proccesing and shipping fees. 

Ready to Start Selling?