Steamroller pipes are great for inhaling a lot of smoke very quickly, and with minimal effort. Steam rollers are made from an elongated glass cylinder that allows smoke to pass through very freely. One end of the steam roller functions as the mouthpiece, while the end closer to the bowl is the carb. A steamroller distinguishes itself from spoon pipes not just through its shape, but also because the carb is located at the end of the bowl rather than on the side. Thanks to the windtunnel effect, massive amounts of smoke are able to rush through the pipe and directly into your lungs with very minimal lung power required. 

Steamrollers are a great addition to any glass collection, whether at home or for on-the-go usage. They're similar in size and are just as portable as a hand pipe, but they hit much harder. Seasoned smokers enjoy the harsh and intense hits thats steamrollers provide, but if you're looking for something smooth and portable, we recommend a glass bubbler or spoon pipe

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