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Date Ideas for Smoker Couples

Date Ideas for Smoker Couples
It’s easy to waste away the weekend in front of the television, but there’s no reason to give in to couchlock when you could be out and about in the world, having a good time with your favorite person. With a little planning and some foresight (take a rideshare or public transit instead of driving or arrange for accommodations if you’re going to smoke, for instance) there are plenty of ways to have fun as a smoker couple out of the house. Here are our top seven affordable, accessible date ideas for the bored smoker couple.

1. Go see some live music

    What’s more fun after smoking than some live music? With shows easier to find now more than ever using Spotify and various music blogs, you can line up some cheap, local entertainment to keep you bopping on a night out. Just pick out a nice chillum and bring along some dry herbs for a quick smoke session out in the crowd (or in the alleyway) in between acts or opt for an outdoor concert so you can pull out a rolled-up cone.

    sea foam dream chillum

      2. Beach it

        This trip takes a bit of planning and organization, so you might want to get to the beach and get fully settled before you smoke up in front of the waves. First of all, bring lots of water with you. It’s super easy to get dehydrated in the sun under regular circumstances, let alone after smoking a bunch, so be sure that you have stuff to drink! Make sure you’ve got plenty of sunscreen and access to some shade, too, since you might just end up falling asleep next to your loved one on the towel if you get too comfortable.

        Beaches provide the perfect backdrop for some sandy fun or tide pool exploration, perfect if you’re both into the outdoors. Consider renting a room at a local bed and breakfast overnight so you have a place to stay if it gets late and you get too smoked-out from your beach-friendly spoon pipe. A perfect piece for smoke sessions on the beach is the Seashell Hand Pipe.

        seashell hand pipe

          3. Camp in a national forest or state park

          Camping is a great way to spend an intimate time together out in nature and evaluate one another’s true level of grit. How are you supposed to spend the rest of your life with someone if you can’t even laugh together about failing to get a fire started?

          Plus, there are a million great ways to put together the perfect camping smoking setup. With the amount of portable glass and break-proof silicone pieces out there, you’re bound to find something that will fit your on-the-go smoker needs.

          14" silicone straight tube bong

            4. Go to see a discount movie

              Seeing big, new movies is expensive. Seeing an old, matinee movie is cheap. If you’ve got the time and are looking for a mid-day date, hit the portable vaporizer in the parking lot and check out a matinee or a classic playing at a nearby discount theater. Sometimes it’s not about the fact that you have to sit through the second “Lord of the Rings” movie for the 12th time: it’s about whose hand is passing you The Kind Pen V2.w while you’re tolerating it. That’s love.

              v2.w concentrate vaporizer kit

                5. Hit up the farmer’s market and make lunch

                  What’s more romantic than cooking with the person you like? Getting fresh-off-the-farm produce to do it with first. Figure out when your local farmer’s market meets and grab a couple of tote bags and your partner: it’s time to sort through some parsnips. Or something that’s actually delicious, whatever: grab some freshly baked bread, some veggies, and some additional protein and make the meal of your dreams. Just watch your fingers when you’re chopping onions if you’ve just hit the dab rig.

                  If you’re feeling too wiped to cook, you can still go to the market and grab some ready-made items to munch on in an impromptu park picnic! Nothing like fresh-squeezed lemonade and a hastily made sandwich to warm the heart.

                    6. Go to a late-night local art show or a modern art museum

                      Don’t get modern art? Well, have you ever tried modern art after a few puffs from a bong? Exactly. I’m not saying that you’re going to realize why Jeff Koons’ balloon animals are worth the yearly GDP of a small island principality, but you’ll probably have a lot of fun laughing at them. I mean, look at them. Stupid balloon animals.

                      Or, if you want to actually enjoy yourself, hit the steamroller and then check out the hard work of a local artist. Nothing’s more fun than wandering the stalls of an art fair after a little bit of smoking—just make sure you don’t drop too much cash on an, um, interpretive sculpture. Save it for some real art like the Coconut Colada Mini Bong from Empire Glassworks.

                      coconut colada mini bong

                        7. Get some ice cream

                        I know, I know: it’s not the ‘50s. But hey, ice cream is delicious and now that you’ve read this sentence you definitely want some. So hit the Ice Cream Bar Hand Pipe, grab your boo, and go get some scoops.

                        ice cream bar hand pipe


                          So there are seven ideas that will keep you both happy while including your favorite hobby, smoking! Now you can leave the arguments up to the serious issues like
                          beakers vs. straight tubes.