Building The Ultimate Bong Collection


Having different bongs for different occasions makes every smoking experience fun and varied. In addition, having multiple bongs can make for an interesting collection to show your visitors. So what should you look for when buying multiple pieces? Here’s some of the categories you want to check off the list before assembling your collection.

The Daily Driver

daily-driverIf you’re a regular smoker, you want to have at least one bong that can provide all of your basic needs. Those needs include: simple construction, decent percolation and a convenient size. Simple construction makes it easy to use and clean. Decent percolation means you’ll have easy draws that won’t be too hard on the throat. Convenient size (let’s say no taller than 12”) means you can get just enough smoke to get the necessary effect but still be able to hold and store your bong with ease. Your daily driver should probably be a scientific glass bong (like those made by Nucleus or Grav Labs) due to their clear glass which allows you to see how much water and smoke are inside.

The Dab Rig

dab-rigIf you do dabs as well as dry herbs (and why wouldn’t you?), you’re going to want a separate bong to do them with. While you could use your dry herb bong for dabbing as well, the residue of dabbing can significantly change the flavor of your dry herb. In addition, there’s certain specifications that make for better dab rigs than bongs. Dab rigs work best when they have 90 degree joints, since they can be easily used in conjunction with a torch. It also helps if the rig is lightweight and small so that you’re not juggling too many heavy pieces. You also want minimal percolators in a dab rig, as sticky residue tends to be hard to get out of them. Honey Supply - as their name implies - specializes in making affordable and cool-looking dab rigs.


The Show Piece

show-pieceOnce you’ve gotten your daily driver, you should feel free to get a bong that shows off your style and passion. This is the bong you pull out for special occassions, show to friends or just let sit on your shelf as an art piece. What should you get? Anything that catches your eye; almost anything you can imagine has been made inspired a bong.  Popular choices tend to be bongs that have intense patterns, dark-colored glass and elaborate construction. “Fab Egg” bongs - spherical water pipes with multiple holes and hollow centers - are a common premium bong for many smokers, as they have both unique designs and superior function. The most aesthetically-impressive bongs tend to be made by heady glass artists like Glass Antixx and Grog Glass, though bigger glass producers such as Empire Glassworks and Mathematix also make impressive themed pipes.


The Party Starter

party-starterWhen a bunch of people come to smoke with you, you want to make sure you all get the optimum experience. You can do this with a larger bong (something 20” and higher). Larger bongs don’t increase potency, as is often said, but can pack alot more smoke into one inhale than a smaller bong. It’s kind of like drinking a pint of beer vs. drinking a shot of whiskey: the effect is more concentrated with the bigger bongs. Bigger bongs are also safer to use in large groups, as they are closer to the floor when in use and have a weight that makes users take more care. Another great choice for a party bong is Grav Labs’ Gravitron, which uses gravity to pull out dense clouds of smoke from your herb. It works by having a bottomless bottle inside of a water-filled glass vase that creates a vacuum when the bottle is removed. On top of the bottle is your burning herb, which then fills the bottle with smoke. Pushing the bottle back into the water shotguns the smoke into your mouth, leading to effortless yet potent inhales for you and your friends.


The Travel Companion

travel-companionIf you like taking adventures or just taking a stroll to a friend’s house, you might want to bring a bong with you. The average glass bong is too large and rigid to easily carry, so you’ll need a bong especially made for travel if you want to do so. Smaller bongs can do a decent job as travel buddies (something under 7” could do the trick) but you still run the risk of it breaking. There are multiple silicone and based bongs you can consider instead, including the Roll Uh Bowl Portable Silicone Bong and Adventurer Water Pipe from Strong Silicone. Both bongs are made of flexible medical grade silicone that can survive the rigors of heavy duty trekking. The Roll Uh Bowl is especially notable for being foldable, making it the only bong you can carry in your pocket.

Now that you have an idea where to start, go to to see our collection of bongs and dab rigs.