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Ashcatchers are useful accessories for your water pipe that not only stop debris from entering your pipe, but also add extra filtration and diffusion through their percolation systems. We offer a variety of scientific glass ashcatchers from different artists and brands, coming in all differing joint sizes (10mm, 14mm, 18mm) and designs (45° or 90°). Browse our selection of honeycomb perc ashcatchers, turbine perc ashcatchers, fritted disc ashcatchers, Grav Labs ashcatchers, and much more!

One of the most important considerations, when purchasing an ashcatcher, is the size of your current water pipe. If your water pipe has a 14mm female joint, then it takes a 14mm male jointed ashcatcher. The size should be the same, while the gender is the opposite. Second to knowing the proper size, the type of percolator is also very important.

At DankStop, you will find many different kind of percs inside almost every ashcatcher, sometimes even more than one. An ashcatcher can make all the difference for your water pipe, no matter what you are smoking or vaporizing. Obviously there is the allure that an ashcatcher will keep your bong or dab rig cleaner than if you did not have one attached. This is the main reason why people buy ashcatchers. Now you might have a very expensive bong that you are trying to keep as pristine looking as possible. Like with any investment, you will want to keep it in tip-top shape or it would be a waste of money. Even if you bought an inexpensive, average everyday water pipe, an ashcatcher can still help you in the long run and protect not only your pipe, but your smoking session for times to come.

When you see a dirty bong, your first reaction is "ew that looks disgusting." What people and most beginners do not realize is that this will also mean the bong will taste disgusting. That burnt up debris will give your smoke or vapor an unwanted stale, rancid taste and smell. Taking a huge rip out of a pipe full of ash will make you not want to hit out of a piece and switch to rolling papers. The combination of burn and staleness can ruing a smoke sesh completely. A simple and effective ashcatcher can solve this problem. 

Cleanliness is not the only reason for having an ashcatcher attached to your water pipe. Diffusion is something every bong should have as it produces a completely different taste and an overall better smoking experience. Sure ashcatchers quite literally have it in their name that they keep debris from reaching the chamber of your bong, but with the right percs inside they can improve the flavor of your dry herbs or concentrates. The process of diffusion usually occurs at the end of a fixed or removable downstem or inside the body of the water pipe. Ashcatchers nowadays can do more than prevent blockage and improve cleanliness. With percs extending into the base of the ashcatcher, like a downstem into a bong's chamber, an ashcatcher can achieve the same effect. These percs usually come in the shape of those that have become common in bongs and dab rigs today. These can include the regulars such as honeycombs and showerheads as well as the more intricate ones like a double sided barrel or a combination of a few types. Ashcatchers are no longer boring, awkward attachments and now have become more of a necessity 

The quality of your ashcatcher's filtration relies upon the type of percolator included. Depending on your preference, you can get a simple or complex percolation system. One of the simpler types of percs would be the 90° Fritted Disc Perc Ashcatcher. While the fritted disc perc does a thorough job at filtering smoke and water, it is not representative of the maximum filtration capability that could be incorporated. One of the more complex filtration systems is in the 45° Showerhead to Tree Perc Dual Chamber Ashcatcher. It has two separate chambers: one that houses a showerhead perc and another with tree perc. With this product, the smoke initially filters through the showerhead perc and then passes through the tree perc. And this is before the smoke passes through all the percs within the water pipe. Just imagine the filtration!

When push comes to shove, ashcatchers are a glass accessory that significantly enhances the filtration of your current water pipe. Instead of buying an entirely new piece, you can get yourself an ashcatcher with the perc you desire. Modifying your glass has never been so easy!