Downstems are one of the most important parts of any bong. Without one, you've got no water filtration. If your clumsy friend broke your beloved downstem, don't worry! DankStop have a huge selection of glass parts, adapters, and downstems sure to fit any bong. Shop our selection of replacement downstems below and get free USA shipping with every order!

We here at DankStop have downstems for every kind of bong and style. The bong market obviously has endless bong designs, each of which need different accessories to properly function. Most bongs have either a fixed downstem or a removable one. Fixed downstems are ones located on the inside of bongs connected directly to the joint. The problem with fixed downstems are that when they break, they break. There is no replacing them or repairing your bong. So breaking something that can only be two inches long can mark the end of your water pipe. Also fixed downstems cannot be customized. Whatever style the glassblower decides to put in there, that downstem is staying that length, thickness, and design. Because they are directly built into the bong, cleanliness can also become a problem. Removable downstems help with all these common bong problems.

Starting with cleanliness, removable downstems have a great advantage with the fact that they can fully disconnect from the bong. This makes the cleaning process much easier as you can soak the entire downstem separately. Use a pipe cleaner for any hard to reach spaces and check out our cleaning guide for extra tips. Removable downstems can be replaced with another easily as long as you match joint sizes and lengths. No more throwing out an expensive bong just because the downstem broke. Find the downstem that resembles the old one or take your bong to the next level with something different. With removable downstems you have the luxury of choosing the look and function. Some come in your choice of color, while others have unique ends. With ones like the fire cut style and revolver downstems, the diffusion process is different because of new angles and more holes. These changes push the smoke through water in advanced ways to give you a different quality of diffusion. There are even different materials you can choose instead of the standard glass. Metal ones like the Titan-Stem Metal Downstem from Ace-Labz are nearly impossible to break, being made out of thick aluminum. The Titan-Stem Metal Downstem comes with multiple ends that you can easily switch out. Having trouble figuring out what size downstem you need? The Titan-Stem Metal Downstem can be adjusted to fit your water pipe perfectly. That is the definition of customization.

With downstems, size is most important. Have one that is too big and it will not fit properly when inserted into your water pipe. Too small of a downstem and it will not reach the water inside the chamber of the bong. This means that tasty diffusion process will not take place. Either that or you will have to fill your bong with vast amounts of water, which can result in you receiving an always unwelcome splash back into your mouth. Too much water can cause spillage and leaks as well. This is why downstems are sometimes the most important part of bongs. Not all lengths are available for each downstem but if you look through our collection, you will find one long or short enough for your water pipe. 

Once you have figured out the size you need, next is choosing a joint size. Most downstems are 18mm to 14mm and hold 14mm male bowls. If you have a female jointed bowl we do offer adapters to accommodate any combination. They can also come in other joint sizes such as 18mm to 18mm and 14mm to 14mm. We even have replacement downstems for your favorite bongs. The first size is the diffused end of the downstem which first enters the water pipe, so match this one with joint size of the bong itself. The next mm pertains to the joint that holds the bowl. As we mentioned before, both sizes do not have to match one another.