Concentrate Vaporizers

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Concentrate vaporizers, also known as "wax vapes", are an extremely convenient way to enjoy your concentrates and essential oils. As opposed to smoking through a pipe, vaporizers get the most out of your concentrates while also providing a healthy and smooth vaping experience. Whether they are vape pens, like the Grenco Science G-Pen, or desktop vaporizers like the Arizer V-Tower, these concentrate vapes are durable and will improve your concentrate experience. Simply add your waxes or dabs into the chamber and on top of the heating element. Dabbers help with this process immensely. Vaporizers produce a thicker, stronger hit for more flavor and effect.

Among the best selling concentrate vaporizers within this collection, the PAX 3 is by far one of the most popular ones. Not only does it feature some of the most advanced vaporizing technology on the market, but it also has an extremely sleek and modern design. Make sure to check out the free PAX Vapor App, too. You can use it to download custom settings to your vaporizer. For example, you can alter the efficiency, flavor, and energy of the device. If you are somebody looking for a reliable and highly functional vaporizer, the PAX 3 is worth checking out. 

One of the most popular vaporizer brand names is called The Kind Pen. Their concentrate vaporizers are both affordable and effective. Take the "Slim" Wax Vaporizer Pen, for instance. It is a portable and discreet vaporizer with auto-draw technology. However, it also includes a USB charger and packing tool. It's atomizer is of ceramic composition, and the vaporizer uses a 5-click turn-on and shutoff. Thanks to the ceramic rods in the atomizer, you can re-use any leftover concentrates. As for the coils, they are made from titanium and are very proficient at retaining heat.

Wax vaporizers are favored by some because of their potency. Inside of wax vaporizers, a compartment holds your concentrates directly against the heating coil. This heating method leaves behind little to no residue inside of the concentrate vaporizer. The material you put inside the wax vaporizer does not have to be wax as it can be shatter, oil, etc; whatever the concentrate vaporizer says it can handle. No matter what you use, these vapes deliver super strong hits for optimal consumption.

An attractive quality of wax vaporizers are that they usually have a low price point. They often cost less that dry herb vaporizers because they need less room to heat up herbs, as oil and concentrates have more flavor in a smaller volume. Using concentrates can give you quicker, more effective results using less than you would use with dry herbs. Because of the heating method mentioned earlier, there is no ash so you get every last bit out of your concentrate. Wax vaporizers, when used correctly, can really stretch out your stash. Concentrates are not always the easiest to get your hands on so this can prove to be very useful.

Most wax vaporizers come in convenient pen, hand-held sizes. This means you can easily fit one inside your pocket without it noticeably bulging or sticking out. It should be up to you whether or not you want people seeing you use your wax vaporizer. As if this was not enough, some concentrate vaporizers have switchable cartridges so you never have to touch the materials themselves. 

No matter your price point or style preference, this collection of concentrate vaporizers has what you're looking for. Dab pens and wax vaporizers are increasing in popularity so hop on the bandwagon and taste the results.