The Spookiest Halloween Themed Glass

Halloween is coming up quickly, and if you’re looking for the best way to celebrate the season of scares, consider picking up some spooky glass. Here are our top recommendations for the creepiest, most shudder-inducing pipes and bongs to freak out your friends and gross out your guests.

slyme accented spiral and marble bubbler
DankStop’s Ghostly Bubbler

When there’s something strange in the blaze-borhood, who you gonna call? Dankstop, duh. Our house special, the Slyme Accented Spiral and Marble Bubbler, is the perfect design for fans of the ectoplasm-covered ghosts in “Ghostbusters,” and the piece is subtle enough that you won’t have to explain yourself if you decide to pull it out of the case when it’s not Halloween.


brainer spoon pipe
Gross-Outs from TORCHer Glass

If you’re a slasher movie fan or big into visceral scares, check out the TORCHer Glass Brainer Spoon Pipe. A truly heady pipe, this artful stunner features an incredible spine-and-brain design with spookily realistic blue veins popping off of pink brain folds on a cherry red bloody bowl. It’s an absolute stunner of a piece that’s also functionally designed to not roll off the table. The offset carb on this heady glass spoon pipe allows for maximum airflow control.

zink heady glass
Zink’s Heady Halloween Rigs

Zink has two heady dab rig offerings that are both perfect for concentrate consumers who want to spookify their setup. First up is the Heady Gremlin Dab Rig With Horn Accent, which features a slyme glass neck with maria rings. The most impressive parts of this little 8.5 inch stunner are the glass gremlin head that acts as the rig’s downstem and the black horned glass accent that can be used to hold the piece.

The Goblin Heady Dab Rig with Horn Accents features a similar design with an amber neck and horn accents along with a creepy goblin head licking the bottom of the rig (which, practically speaking, makes it a pretty stable downstem). Both of these rigs are made in the U.S. and are the perfect pieces to pull out to complete a spooky, seasonal high-class setup.

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"dr. finkelstein" fumed skull bong with tree perc
Simply Spooky Skull Bong and Bowl

If you’re looking for a more affordable offering that’s still as focused on design as any heady glass, check out the “Dr. Finkelstein” Fumed Skull Bong With Tree Perc. The clear glass keeps the piece subtle enough that any year-round goth can keep this 19-inch bong on their table without complaints from visitors. Practically speaking, the star feature on this bong is the piece’s long neck, which incorporates an ice catcher as well as a tree perc. The additional filtration balances out the relatively small size of the otherwise awesome skull-shaped water base, which could be extra spooky when paired with a Halloween-themed slide like the Skull-Themed Male Replacement Bowl.

mini monster sherlock pipe
Monster Pipes

Halloween isn’t just all about jump scares and gross-outs: sometimes it’s also about good old monsters. The Mini Monster Sherlock Pipe is a great reminder of the benefits of rebooting old classics. With all the benefits of a sherlock pipe design (handheld comfort, smooth airflow, big hit size for a pipe) packed into a measly 3.5 inches, this piece also breaks out the stops when it comes to colors. The glass is bright and flowy and with four stable glass feet it’s unlikely to end up accidentally on its side, like many other sherlock pipes.

dragon thrones spoon pipe
Fantastical Fumes from Empire Glassworks

The Dragon Thrones Spoon Pipe is a great get for people who prefer fantasy over fright. The American-made pipe has three differently colored dragon accents attached to it, perfect to make your favorite GOT fan’s Halloween. Renaissance nerds can rejoice over the pipe’s medieval weaponry: a spear, shield, and sword. It also has a number of raised glass details placed on the bowl to prevent the amber-colored piece from rolling around. This bowl takes a different approach to Halloween while also offering an escape from everyday glass.

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round australite stone pipe
Witchy Vibes

Lovers of the occult will totally find themselves drawn to the Round Australite Stone Pipe, a flat oval black stone pipe that fits easily into any witchy smoker’s hands (or bag). It comes with a detachable mesh screen bowl to keep Scooby snacks from making their way into your mouth accidentally during a pull. The mesh can easily be cleaned or even replaced when the time comes.

There’s no shortage of natural-looking stone pipes to choose from if your aesthetic doesn’t match with the all-black or round stone look. You can still look spooky walking around with an Amethyst Quartz Crystal Stone Pipe or with the mysterious Luminous Glow-in-the-Dark Stone Pipe.