New Animal Donut Glass From Empire Glassworks!

Empire Glassworks Kitty Donut Bong

Well these are different! Empire Glassworks - known for their detailed and visually stunning worked glass pipes - has created a line of glass pieces that combine cute critters and fried dough, including a Kitty Donut Bong (seen above) , a Kitty Donut Hand Pipe and a Panda Donut Bowl Slide! Wondering who'd come up with such an odd idea? Japan, of course: Empire's glass pieces are based on the popular snack "doubutsu doonatsu", which literally means "animal donuts".

Animal Donuts

These are regular donuts that are frosted to resemble cats, pandas, pigs and other animals. The trend was started by the food chain Floresta, which began making the pastries at the request of a customer. Given the obsession with cuteness (referred to as "Kawaii") in some of Japan's community, these donuts became so popular that the Floresta staffer who created the animal donut opened a specialty shop called Animal Doughnut of Ikumimama that only sells this treat. Could Empire Glassworks turn animal donuts into the next go-to snack for American smokers? Who knows, but at the very least they'll be fun to smoke from. See the whole line of pieces and other Empire Glassworks' pipes at! 

Animal donut picture courtesy of Kotaku