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Best Smoking Supplies for Labor Day

the best smoking supplies for labor day
Labor Day is a public holiday in the United States that celebrates the American labor movement. It honors the men and women who worked tirelessly to make this country what it is today. While the origins do recognize labor, this list of the Best Smoking Supplies for Labor Day is all about relaxing and making your day off an enjoyable one.

labor day supplies

The products in this list were specifically chosen by our team here at DankStop to help you end the summer off right. Included in this list are the products and accessories you will need to really take your Labor Day barbecue to the next level.


the presidential pipe
   Presidential Pipe

You can’t have a national celebration without the Commander in Chief putting his nose in somewhere. The very life-like Presidential Pipe from Empire Glassworks has very accurate hand size and totally natural orange coloring. There is a mouthpiece at the top of the hand pipe and a carb hole on the side of its love handle. The bowl is located where the Presidential Pipe would have a spine, if it had one. Of course this themed glass pipe is made in America. Make Labor Day great again!

 Made in the USA
 Accurate Hand Size
 Totally Natural Orange Coloring
 Perfect Hair
 Side Carb Hole
 Height” 3.5”


    Surfboard Hand Pipe
    Surfboard Hand Pipe

    Just because Labor Day marks the (unofficial) end of summer doesn’t mean you can’t catch a few good waves before it’s gone. With the Surfboard Hand Pipe, you will receive a 5.5” long, themed glass steamroller in your choice of color. The front facing carb hole creates a tunnel-like airflow, shooting your smoke down into your lungs for a more intense, direct hit. A Mathematix logo is featured on the bottom of the steamroller while the indented bowl is on the other side. Like all Mathematix products, the Surfboard Hand Pipe is made right here in the USA.

     Choice of Colored Accents
     White Body
     Made in the USA
     Themed Glass
     Length: 5.5”
     Indented Bowl
     Steamroller Functionality

    Read about the benefits of using a steamroller here!


    "under the sea" glass spoon
    “Under the Sea” Glass Spoon

    There aren’t many beach days left in the year, so why not get that ocean feeling while you toke up? The “Under the Sea” Glass Spoon has intricate worked glass and a sand colored body. Sea life can be found all over this hand pipe, from clown fish on the front to starfish on the tubing. Made in California, you know Empire Glassworks knows a thing or two about aquatic life. The deep bowl isn’t a bad addition as well. The summer may be winding down but you can still feel the waves crash at your feet with the “Under the Sea” Glass Spoon.

     Worked Glass Aquatic Wildlife
     Sand Coloring
     Deep Bowl
     Made in the USA
     Length: 4”

    Check out our novelty section for other themed glass pipes.


    “Basics” 8” Clear Glass Beaker Bong
    “Basics” 8” Clear Glass Beaker Bong

    Sometimes you want a bong that is simple, effective, and gets the job done. The “Basics” 8” Clear Glass Beaker Bong checks all the boxes when it comes to a reliable and sturdy daily driver. Standing at a reasonable 8 inches tall, this beaker bong diffuses your smoke by way of a removable downstem then cools it with a donut style ice catcher. Nucleus knows you always have to cover the basics before anything.

     Removable, Diffused Downstem
     Matching 14mm Male Bowl
     Nucleus Decals
     Clear Glass
     Flared Mouthpiece
     Thick Glass
     Donut Ice Catcher

    If you like the “Basics” 8” Clear Glass Beaker Bong but are looking for something a bit more colorful, take a peek at the full color version.

    rolling tray
    Rolling Tray

    Whether you like to roll your own goods or if you just need a place to put your stash down, the DankStop Rolling Tray is a great starting point. With its glossy white coloring and golden bottom, this smoking accessory is anything but an eyesore. The rolling tray’s 10.5” x 6.25” size is modest but spacious enough to hold your rolling papers and accessories. The outside lip is slightly raised to keep all your goods from escaping. No one likes floor herbs. Keep all your stuff in one place with the DankStop Rolling Tray.

     Glossy White Finish
     Golden Underside
     DankStop Decals
     10.5” x 6.25”
     Made Out of Aluminum 

    Rolling trays are included in our list of “13 Helpful Smoking Accessories.”


    corn husk rolling papers
    Corn Husk Rolling Papers

    Now that you have a rolling tray, why not pick up some rolling papers? The Corn Husk Rolling Papers might be the most American rolling paper out there. Each pack comes with five all natural, unbleached, untreated, and unprocessed corn husk papers. Yes, you heard that right. These rolling papers are made from actual corn husks. If you are a smoker who is cautious about the material of their papers, it can’t get more natural than this.

     All Natural Alternative
     Made from Actual Corn Husks
     Unbleached, Untreated, and Unprocessed
     5 Papers per Pack
     Choice of Quantity
     Slow Burning
     Made in the USA

    pipe mug
    Nucleus Pipe Mug

    There is nothing like starting your day off with a little wake and bake. The Nucleus Pipe Mug allows you to combine your two favorite things; smoking and drinking! Make a nice pot of joe and fill up the attached bowl for a great morning pick-me-up. There is no cross contamination between your dry herbs and coffee as the smoke travels through a conduit within the walls of the mug. It functions just like a sherlock hand pipe but easier. With no carb hole all you have to do is light and inhale. Just make sure not to tip the Pipe Mug too far back when hitting it or you might end up with a lap full of coffee.

     Coated with White Glaze
     Works as a Coffee Mug AND Hand Pipe
     Made of Ceramic
     Microwave and Dishwasher Safe
     No Cross Contamination


      v2 tri-use vaporizer kit
      V2 Tri-Use Vaporizer Kit

      If you prefer vaping over smoking, we have you covered! Designed right here in New Jersey, The Kind Pen has a vape for everyone. That includes the V2 Tri-Use Vaporizer Kit. No matter what you like to smoke, whether that be dry herbs, concentrates, or e-liquids, this vape pen can do it all. There is a separate atomizer for each material. Concentrates are vaporized by dual ceramic rods wrapped with titanium coils, dry herbs are placed in a ceramic chamber, and e-liquids have their own separate tank.

      The V2 Tri-Use Vaporizer Kit includes:
       Choice of Color
       Compatible with Dry Herbs, Concentrates, and E-Liquids
       Micro USB Charger
       Packing Tool, Silicone Storage Jar, Cleaning Brush Included
       Lifetime Warranty
       5-Click On/Off Safety Feature
       Direct Draw

      Haven’t heard of The Kind Pen? Take a look at our brand review.



      The main takeaway from this American holiday is that workers slaved away in horrendous conditions so people today could enjoy the fruits of their labor. With these magnificent items, most of which were made here in the United States, you can celebrate their tough lives by relaxing with a great smoke sesh.