Glass Blunts

Glass blunts are an innovative type of glass pipe that are generally a mini size. Glass blunts allow you to smoke a significant amount of your favorite dry herbs and tobacco with ease as they contain a convenient way to remove ash and keep your dry herbs intact. They beat regular blunts in style points as well. Multiple brands are making glass blunts now, in numerous colors, sizes, and styles. The Twisty Glass Blunt even grinds your herbs for you inside itself. Try one for yourself and see why this style of pipe is gaining popularity throughout the industry.

The only thing against blunts is physically rolling them. First you have to locate rolling papers or a cigar to gut, which of course are never present then needed. Then there is the mess, especially if you have to take apart a cigar wrapping. Next thing you know tobacco and leaves are everywhere. Now that you have created a mess, you have to roll the blunt itself. This involves plenty of practice, and sometimes you are not lucky enough to readily have an expert roller in your group. There are various nuances that are learned after many trial and errors. Do you really want to risk screwing up in front of the entire smoking circle and seem like a big goober? Mess up in the slightest and you have ruined the smoke sesh for everyone involved and need to start all over again. Other things can go wrong with your blunt as well, like canoeing or poor quality papers. Glass Blunts eliminate all of these problems. The pricing will make up for itself as it obviously has more uses than a regular blunt

Glass blunts are sort of like chillums in the way they are constructed and function. The difference is that glass blunts can be adjusted to create a bowl as deep as you would like. Glass blunts usually have two tubes, one of which pushes your herbs to the end of the pipe for lighting. The moving parts are usually held securely by rubber rings or joints. Whenever you want some more herbs, simply push the tubing up. Have some ash building up at the tip of your glass blunt? Just push until it falls out. Glass blunts have eliminated all the mess we discussed earlier.

The convenience that has been introduced by glass blunts continues to revolutionize the smoking game. They have brought around an alternate to standard blunts that decrease mess and time and increase production and functionality. There will always be the nostalgia of rolling a fat one surrounded by a group of friends. Why not introduce a cleaner, more practical smoking tradition with glass blunts?

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