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Not often do you have the chance to win a tremendous dab rig. What are the chances you win not only a recycling dab rig but also a dab nail and dabber. That's three major parts of any dabbing aficionado's setup. DankStop is giving away the LavaTech Bundle for this week to help a potential dabber start dabbing or replace their old gear!


LavaTech Bundle


Barrel Perc Vortex Recycler
Barrel Perc Vortex Recycler

To dab, you will need a rig. The Barrel Perc Vortex Recycler is a perfect dab rig, with recycling airflow to cool your vapor and a creative design. The barrel perc is located in the chamber. Your vapor will be pushed into here and out of the slits on top of the perc. This is when the recycling airflow will come to use. The vapor will either float up naturally or be sucked underneath. A glass tube connects the reservoir to the chamber and recycles the vapor multiple times before it ever reaches your mouth.

 Base Diameter: 3.5"
 Vortex Spinning Effect
 Bent Neck
 Dewar's Joint
 90° 14mm Male Joint
 Flared Mouthpiece
 Barrel Perc
 Scientific Glass

    Opaque Base Quartz Banger
    Opaque Base Quartz Banger

    The next most important thing when it comes to dabbing is the dab nail. The LavaTech Opaque Base Quartz Banger takes the widely popular banger nail design and adds a few beneficial twists. For starters, the bottom is a thick white base, meaning it will be more durable and retain heat for a longer period of time. Also the high walls make it nearly impossible to miss when applying your concentrates. The Opaque Base Quartz Banger usually comes in your choice of joint size, angle, and gender but the best fit for the Barrel Perc Vortex Recycler is the 90° 14mm female version.

     High Walls
     Banger Style
     Thick White Base
     Flame Polished
     Polished Joint


      Standard Double Sided Dabber
      Standard Double Sided Dabber

      Lastly you need something to scoop up and apply your dabs to the Opaque Base Quartz Banger. The LavaTech Standard Double Sided Dabber is a great dabbing tool with multiple ways to collect your concentrates. There is a wide scooper on one side and a flat point on the other end. Use one to break down your dabs (depending on how thick they are) and scoop them up with the other. When you are not using the Standard Double Sided Dabber slip on the rubber caps to protect the ends and your counter-tops.

       Wide Scooper
       Flat Point
       Stainless Steel Construction
       Silicone Sleeve
       Rubber End Covers


        This amazing giveaway is valued at $140 msrp so one lucky winner will get quite the prize. It's not everyday you can receive an almost full dabbing setup for FREE. Make sure to get in as many entries before the October 18th cutoff for a chance to win this LavaTech Bundle.

        If you didn't win this week's giveaway be sure to check out our dab rig collection as well as LavaTech's other offerings.

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