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While this concentrate vaporizer can be hidden easily, we aren't being "discreet" about it being this week's DankStop Giveaway! The Discreet Vaporizer from the well known vaping company The Kind Pen is going to be awarded to one lucky winner and entries are absolutely FREE, just like this portable vaporizer!

The Discreet Vaporizer fits in your palm, making on-the-go use and sudden pocketing a breeze. This vape replaces the long, slender pen shape of most vape pens with a comfortable, stockier shape. Although it comes in such a miniature size, the Discreet Vaporizer still has the excellent qualities you would expect from The Kind Pen products. The temperature of the vaporizer can be adjusted so you can vaporize your concentrates at the degree you prefer, whether that be high or low-temp. The easy-to-use direct draw straw that sticks out of the top allows you to immediately start tasting your dabs. Don't worry about it turning on in your pocket; there is a 5-click on/off safety feature. 

Features for the Discreet Vaporizer include:

Fits In Your Palm

Direct Draw

Adjustable Temperature

5-Click On/Off Safety Feature

650 mAh Battery

LED Lighting

0.8mL Glass Tank

Magnetic 510 Thread Adapter

Micro USB Charging Port

Choice of Color

    The Kind Pen Discreet Vaporizer

    The Kind Pen Discreet Vaporizer

    Some vaporizers might say they are discreet but this one literally has it in it's name. And because the Discreet Vaporizer comes in such beautiful colors, we are allowing the lucky winner to choose! The sweepstakes will end August 30th at 11:59 AM so get as many entries in beforehand to give yourself a chance at winning this great concentrate vaporizer.

    If you missed out on this tremendous opportunity, do not fret. The Kind Pen has plenty of other highly rated vaporizers for you to choose from, such as:

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    "Bullet" Concentrate Vaporizer Kit

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