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We here at your favorite online headshop know your summer is busy, with trips to the beach and plenty of bbqs. That’s why we wrote down everything coming up and reviewed everything that you might have missed! Various sales, new products, and interesting and informative articles are popping up constantly so it is easy to not catch every amazing development. If you have been wondering “What’s New at DankStop?” take a look below.




If you haven’t had the pleasure yet, let me introduce you to the lovely “Rose”. From the innovative minds over at My Bud Vase, the “Rose” Water Pipe is a beautifully elegant bong made from, you guessed it, a vase. Made out of thick porcelain and complete with relief flower accents and faux flower pokers, “Rose” can switch from a fully functional bong to a inconspicuous vase with a simple turn. Turn her rubber grommet joint away from the public eye and showcase her artistry. The relief flower accents even come in your choice of color. The perfect present, gift a “Rose” that will last forever.

Check out the rest of the My Bud Vase collection.

Upcoming Sales and Giveaways

At DankStop, we are constantly offering deals and sales for your favorite brands and products. One coming up is a 20% sale off ALL Nucleus products! Nucleus has a very wide variety of glass (and silicone) products to choose from. The sale even includes newer Nucleus products such as the Triple Recycler Bong and Sandblasted Frosted Pattern Water Pipe. Don’t forget to pick up an accessory such as the Barrel Perc Ashcatcher as well.

nucleus review
Check out our review of Nucleus here.


nucleus giveaway

Speaking of Nucleus, there is currently a
giveaway featuring their Stacked Inverted Showerhead Perc Bong! Hurry up and get your entry in before the sweepstakes ends on July 19th with the winner announced soon after. Check back on our site constantly as we usually have weekly giveaways and various flash sales.

New Ronin Glass

Ronin Glass has pumped out a few new bongs, dab rigs, and accessories in July that has further solidified their status as an up and coming heavyweight of the glass world. One in particular is the “Pakku” Puck Rig w/ Showerhead Perc. This nifty little dab rig has a great compact size and a showerhead percolator/downstem that produces great flavor. If you want more info on this oil rig, take a look at our product review. Other new Ronin Glass products include:

“Chisana Gyorai” Straight Tube Bong


“Yebira” 8” Inline Barrel Perc Recycler


“Gunbai” Honeycomb to Showerhead Ashcatcher


“Chigriki” Layered Recycler with Matrix Perc

Make Sure to Check Back!

With our team of writers working hard to give you new industry info (like “Is Dabbing Bad for Your Health?”)  and helpful product lists such as “The Best Pipes Under $20”, DankStop is happy to help you in whatever area necessary. Besides the aforementioned weekly giveaways, articles are posted every week to aid you in your day-to-day smoking experience and help you keep up with what is not only going on with us, but also in the smoking world!

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is dabbing bad for your health

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