Giveaway - Spiral Recycler with Circ Perc Puck


The Spiral Recycler with Circ Perc Puck is usually over $100 to buy. If you enter our sweepstakes and follow a few simple directions, you can get this Nucleus bong for absolutely FREE!

Between the recycling airflow and the circ perc puck, this water pipe delivers consistently potent and clean tokes. The circ perc is located towards the base of the bong meaning it diffuses your smoke right after it enters. The taste produced by the Spiral Recycler with Circ Perc Puck is as spectacular as the quality of the glass. The clear, thick glass makes up the entire bong including the deep bowl. Nucleus decals shower multiple parts of the recycler so you know it is not a knockoff. One of our best selling lines, Nucleus has a tremendous reputation for producing amazing glass.

If you are lucky enough to win the Nucleus Spiral Recycler with Circ Perc, or buy it separately, you can experience firsthand the many features which include:

    • • Circ Perc

    • • Deep Bowl

    • • Nucleus Decals

    • • Thick Glass

    • • Dewar's Joint

    • • Polished Joint

    • • Flared Mouthpiece

    • • Recycling Airflow

Nucleus Spiral Recycler

This giveaway ends August 2nd so make sure to get your entries in before the 8/2 11:59 AM deadline!

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