Giveaway - "Classic" E-Nail Kit


At this point if you are an avid dabber, how do you not have an e-nail? Now the number one counterpoint would be that electronic nails can be expensive because of the amount of technology and materials involved in making them. While that can be a reason, there is no excuse not to try and win one for FREE.

Valued at a whopping $179.99, the "Classic" E-Nail Kit covers all the bases that are needed for a successful electric nail. The consistent and variable temperature makes waiting for both heat-ups and cool downs a thing of the past. The digital display allows you to have complete control over the degrees at which your concentrates are vaporized at. The completely universal titanium nail is included, so it can fit pretty much any dab rig. LavaTech is quickly becoming the face of dabbing equipment, so there won't be many opportunities to get a deal like this.

The LavaTech "Classic" E-Nail Kit has many features including:

  • -Auto-Turn-On to 710°F
    -120V -150W Coil with 5-Pin XLR Kevlar Plug
    -20mm Coil
    -Universal 3-Piece Titanium Nail
    -Digital Display
    -Adjustable Temperature
    -UV Power Cord

LavaTech "Classic" E-Nail Kit

LavaTech Classic Enail

The contest starts 8/15 and lasts until 8/23. There will only be one winner so get your entries in ASAP!

If you missed the giveaway or are interested in another electric nail, check out LavaTech's other options:

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