Flash Giveaway! RYOT Dugout and Bat


Kick it old school with a RYOT Dugout and Taster Bat - a discreet and easy on the go item. You can also win this item in Dankstop's 24-Hour Giveaway Sweepstake! 

Don't you wish you had a container that could store both your dry herbs and one-hitter? RYOT's Wooden Taster Box serves as a perfect container for both! In order to reveal the compartment for your one-hitter, swivel the magnetic lid to the right. Swivel the lid to the left to reveal the other compartment for dry herbs; this compartment has more storage room. Thanks to its handy design, this taster box is efficient and easy to use. Stored underneath the wooden container, you'll find a metal poker that slides out from a slot. The Wooden Taster Box by RYOT is a natural-looking container great for taking on-the-go.

The entire list of features this dugout has includes:

• Branded W/ Official RYOT Logo
• Container For One-Hitter And Dry Herbs
• Large: Fits Bats Under 3.75"
• Magnetic Poker (Included)
• Magnetic Swivel Lid

RYOT Dugout and Bat

This flash giveaway sweepstake will run from 2/7 to 2/8. Only one will take the prize! Make sure to enter in as many ways as possible to increase your chances of winning this handy item.

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