• short size wooden dugout, made by RYOT
  • walnut wood taster box, branded with RYOT logo
  • black colored wood dugout
  • bamboo wood dugout for one hitter and dry herbs
  • rosewood taster box by RYOT
  • large size, maple wood dugout
  • walnut wooden dugout for one hitter
  • black wooden dugout by RYOT
  • RYOT large wooden taster box
  • RYOT rosewood dugout, large size
  • bamboo wooden dugout for one hitter
  • RYOT bamboo wooden dugout
  • bamboo dugout, branded by RYOT
  • small wooden dugout made by RYOT
  • walnut wood dugout for one hitter
RYOT Brand Logo

Wooden Taster Box

★★★★ 3 customer reviews
$ 2500 + Free Shipping

Choose Size: Small
Choose Wood Type: Maple
  • RYOT container
  • *Choose Your Preferred Wood Type and Size
  • Branded w/ Official RYOT Logo
  • Container for One-Hitter and Dry Herbs
  • Large: Fits Bats Under 3.75"
  • Magnetic Poker (Included)
  • Magnetic Swivel Lid
  • One-Hitter NOT Included
  • Pairs Perfectly w/ RYOT Wood Taster Bats
  • Small: Fits Bats Under 2.75"
  • Wooden Dugout by RYOT

RYOT Wooden Taster Box

Don't you wish you had a container that could store both your dry herbs and one hitter? RYOT's Wooden Taster Box serves as a perfect container for both! In order to reveal the compartment for your one hitter, swivel the magnetic lid to the right. Swivel the lid to the left to reveal the other compartment for dry herbs; this compartment has more storage room. Thanks to its handy design, this taster box is efficient and easy to use. Stored underneath the wooden container, you'll find a metal poker that slides out from a slot. This poker has a magnetic connection, holding it within its slot. And even though the poker is securely stored, it is also easily accessed. It has an ergonomic J-shape, so you can grab it from the hook end. One of the best things about RYOT is that their products come in many variations. For instance, you can choose your preferred type of wood for the Taster Box's material: Walnut, Maple, Black, Bamboo, and Rosewood. They also come in 2 sizes: Small and Large. The small size fits any taster bat檀?蘝_ 2.75" in length; the large box fits all taster bats 壽√__ 3.75" in length.The Wooden Taster Box by RYOT is a natural-looking container great for taking on-the-go.