What's a Recycler Oil Rig?

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What is a Recycler Oil Rig?


Recycler oil rigs are one of the newest and coolest scientific designs on the market. They are an innovative and specific type of dab rig that offer many benefits to the smoker. Recyclers get their name because of the two chamber system they use that “recycles” smoke through a loop. After being hit, smoke and some of the water travel the same path. They go through the “reservoir” (or main chamber with water) and moves through a perc into a second chamber through one of the seperation tubes. Smoke and water continue through another seperation tube back into the “reservoir”, and the process repeats before the vapor exits out of the mouthpiece.




There are many benefits to using a recycler vapor rig. The dab rig’s second chamber works as a splashguard, allowing no splashback of water no matter how hard it is hit. Another advantage is an effortless and smooth hit because of the constant filtration of the smoke as it passes through the loop from “reservoir” to second chamber. As the vapor is cycled it passes through the perc, or in some cases multiple percs, numerous times to provide clean dabs every time. Since the smoke is traveling with the water, hits are cooler allowing for larger dabs.


If a recycler sounds like the right dab rig for you, check out our selection of recycler rigs.


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