• What are the Different Types of Percs?

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    What are the Different Types of Percs?
    There are plenty of perks to smoking a bong over a dry pipe, but you might be surprised to find that there are also many percs, too. That’s right: percolators. Everyone’s favorite glass filter piece that sounds like a bad ‘80s dance. Percolators aren’t complicated when it comes down to function. They all break down the smoke (or vapor) and filter it through bubbling...
  • How to Use Your Bong For Dabbing

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    How to Use Your Bong For Dabbing
    Although it is smart to have a dedicated piece for herbs and one for concentrates, it is important to know you can easily turn your bong into a dab rig with some simple steps. There are many reasons why someone might want to be able to vaporize waxes and oils out of a bong. It can be a cheaper option, although at DankStop we...
  • How Do I Use My Concentrate?

    How Do I Use My Concentrate?
    Many smokers avoid concentrates since the most common methods of smoking (rolling papes, hand pipes, dry herb bongs, etc) aren’t feasible with these substances. While that’s partially true, there are still plenty of simple ways you can use concentrates Dab Rigs The dab rig is the most effective way to enjoy concentrates. Similar to dry herb bongs, a dab rig provides water filtration to...
  • Smoking With Ceramic

    Smoking With Ceramic
    Though we now think of glass as the highest quality material in smoking tech, there used to be a time when clay was the bong-smith’s greatest asset. Certain groups in Africa would make “Earth Pipes” that were built into the ground with a buried bottle of water for filtration. These groups also made the first chillums and taster bats out of clay as well....
  • What To Look For In A Dab Rig

    What To Look For In A Dab Rig
    What To Look For In A Dab Rig Given that changing out a bowl for a nail and dome is simple, it’s easy to think that any water pipe can be a sufficient dab rig. That’s true, technically, but you want to make sure that the time, energy and money spent dabbing creates the best possible smoking experience. With that in mind, it’s wise...
  • Building The Ultimate Bong Collection

    Building The Ultimate Bong Collection
    Having different bongs for different occasions makes every smoking experience fun and varied. In addition, having multiple bongs can make for an interesting collection to show your visitors. So what should you look for when buying multiple pieces? Here’s some of the categories you want to check off the list before assembling your collection. The Daily Driver If you’re a regular smoker, you want...
  • E-Nails: Why You Should Get One

    E-Nails: Why You Should Get One
    Those of you who are regular dabbers have probably considered getting an electronic nail (e-nail for short). While the cost might turn away the stingy smoker, it’s important to consider the value you’d receive from picking up one of these dab nails. For example, you… Don’t Have To Use Your Torch We at DankStop have no problem with the trusty butane torch. You should...
  • High Temp Vs. Low Temp Dabs

    High Temp Vs. Low Temp Dabs
    One of the keys to getting the most out your dab rig is knowing the temperature you want the dab nail to be. A butane torch can heat a nail to over 1000 degrees fahrenheit (indicated by a bright red glow) which is more than hot enough to heat your nail for dabbing (after about 5 seconds of waiting). You have another option as well:...
  • How to Dab: A Comprehensive Guide

    How to Dab: A Comprehensive Guide
    Why Dab? Contrary to popular belief, dabbing is more than just a touchdown dance. Unlike Cam Newton’s signature move, this dabbing is not just a passing fad. Although concentrates have been around for thousands of years, the technology has consistently grown to get the most out of them. Dabbing has gained popularity due to being more efficient and effective than burning dry herbs. The...
  • Bong Vocabulary

    Bong Vocabulary
    When shopping for any good or service, it’s important to know what you’re talking about. That’s especially true for water pipes because they greatly affect your smoking experience. Here’s the terms you need to know before you shop for a water pipe.                 BONG–Also referred to as a “water pipe”, a bong is a water filtration device...