• Beginner's Guide to Dab Rigs

    Beginner's Guide to Dab Rigs
    Even for the most seasoned bong-ripper, the world of dab rigs can seem intimidating. While the simpler models can look like any old water pipe, dab rigs have their own totally separate set of tricks and features. Dab rigs rely on functions that are slightly different from a typical, basic dry herb bong. Good Things Come In Small Packages To start, they’re usually smaller,...
  • How Dab Rigs are Made

    How Dab Rigs are Made
    There’s nothing like handblown glass to give a piece style and character, and when buying a dab rig, it’s hard not to wonder how it was made. Though their mechanics are easily understandable, dab rigs certainly look like intricate pieces of equipment. Some have recyclers, some have percolators, others are covered in intricately designed decorative glasswork. Unlike with most pipes and bongs, the visual...
  • Dabbing On-the-Go: Portable Dab Rigs

    Dabbing On-the-Go: Portable Dab Rigs
    With the buzz over portable dab rigs getting louder, lots of conventional dabbers have been wondering what all the fuss is about. What does a portable dab rig do? How does it work? What even is a portable dab rig? Don’t get overwhelmed. If you’re used to a regular dab rig, a portable one will be no problem for you to get the hang...