What's the Difference Between Titanium and Quartz Nails?

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Upgrading Your Glass Nail: Titanium or Quartz? 


One of the easiest ways you can maintain the longevity of your oil rig is to upgrade from a glass nail to either a titanium nail or quartz nail. Glass nails aren’t as durable, must be replaced more often, and have a higher possibility of breaking. The question then becomes: Is a titanium or quartz nail right for you? Both have different pros and cons, and it is a matter of personal preference on which appeals more to you. Here we’ll list a description of both so you can make the best decision. 


Titanium Nails:

  • Generally priced higher than quartz nails
  • Very strong and less likely to break
  • Lifespan can be years if properly maintained
  • Heats up quicker than quartz nails and holds heat for a longer period of time
  • Need to be seasoned before use. (Removing polish and other unwanted materials that coat the titanium nail upon purchase.)
  • Titanium nails give off an odd taste related to metal burning, but this is mostly related to an incorrect or lack of a seasoning process
  • Nail quality ranges between different brands and products
Silika Female Domeless Titanium Nail


Quartz Nails:

  • Generally priced lower that titanium nails
  • Composed of weaker material, and more prone to breaking
  • Shorter lifespan generally than that of titanium nails.  Can range from a few months to a few years depending on treatment
  • Takes longer to heat up than titanium nails
  • Heat dissipates quickly, leaving the consumer with less time for functional use after heated
  • Some consumers prefer the taste of quartz nails
  • No need to season before use.  Ready to use right out of the package.
  • Nail quality ranges between different brands and products
Grav Labs Male Domeless Quartz Nail








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