The Best Rolling Papers for Taste

The Best Rolling Papers for Taste
You might not think much about it, but rolling paper quality is one of the top determining factors when it comes to fully tasting your herbs. There’s something to be said for the importance of lighting a joint with
hemp wick, of course, instead of with a butane-burning lighter or sulfur-covered match, and for ensuring that you’re using high-quality dry herbs to begin with. But even if you’re pulling out all the stops with your tobacco and lighting implements, you might still be sacrificing taste to a low-quality rolling paper.

By keeping in mind a few things—including what kind of paper and glue you’re smoking—you can easily settle on the right kind of simple, tasteless paper you need to roll the perfect, relaxing treat. The last thing you want is to taste harsh bleach or glue chemicals, and with plenty of brands putting out organic options you no longer have to. Here are our picks for the top five rolling papers that keep your dry herbs tasting pure.

unbleached rolling papers
1. Pure Hemp Unbleached Rolling Papers

You won’t know what you’ve been missing until you try unbleached rolling papers, and Pure Hemp’s Unbleached Rolling Papers are some of the best. Their tree-free papers are made out of hemp, a highly sustainable source of fiber that’s also pretty on-brand for the paper’s use. Because they’re unbleached they’re also chlorine-free, which makes a huge difference when it comes to taste. The taste of bleached papers is so ubiquitous you don’t realize how overpowering it is until you taste natural hemp papers. Plus, with 50 to a pack you’ll hardly have to worry about picking up rolling papers for a while, every smoker’s favorite thing to hear.

Pure Hemp offers their papers in rolls as well.

organic rolling papers
2. RAW Organic Rolling Papers

RAW’s Organic Rolling Papers are also strong and chlorine-free, with the distinction of being made from organically grown fibers (free of pesticides and unnatural fertilizers). These Spanish-made organic hemp papers feature the same canoe-preventing watermark as RAW’s Classic Rolling Papers but in a lighter dye, giving them the standard RAW look without sacrificing taste. These vegan papers are available in your average 1 1/4" size as well as King Size Slim (it only sounds like a rapper). These papers use natural, hemp-based gum as an adhesive, so you don’t have to be concerned about licking up weird, toxic glues when you’re closing your roll.

RAW has been the king of rolling papers for some time now.

wired rolling papers
3. Randy’s Wired Rolling Papers

    Randy’s Wired Rolling Papers have been around and American-made since 1975, so you know you’re getting the real deal when it comes to these wire-threaded papers. They’re available in both the organic, “roots” unbleached hemp variety or in your run-of-the-mill rice paper option. The “roots” line is also 30% thinner than Randy’s standard papers, which is always helpful in maintaining a focused joint taste, and uses additive-free gum.

    The end of each sheet has a stainless steel wire embedded in it, which comes in handy as a roach clip once some of the joint burns away. They might seem like a novelty, but Randy’s Wired Rolling Papers are ideal for people who don’t want to use filter tips and they save you the trouble of having to fuss around with a set of tweezers or burnt fingertips. It’s definitely one of those features you won’t realize you needed until you suddenly do.

    premium rolling papers
    4. OCB Premium Rolling Papers

      When it comes to surprising thinness, OCB’s Premium Rolling Papers are anything but a disappointment. Some of the thinnest papers on the market, these translucent rollies have been made in France since 1918, an impressive pedigree from a place that certainly knows its cigarettes. They’re known for being slow-burning, so you’re guaranteed a long-lasting, taste-friendly smoke session when using these. The paper is flax-based and uses Arabic natural gum as an adhesive, making it vegetarian, organic, and all-natural. They might seem intimidating to a new roller because they’re so thin, but combining these papers with a cigarette rolling machine and some OCB tips makes them shine. Plus, once again, no couch-locked smoker is going to say no to a pack of 50 papers.

      OCB has plenty of smoking accessories to help you in your endeavors.

      original cones
      5. Original Cones (Natural)

        The Original Cones offer the perfect lazy man’s pre-roll papers, with a cardboard tip at one end and an open funnel at the other for putting dry herbs and tobacco into. They’re the easiest way to roll hands-down and don’t require extra equipment like a cigarette roller. Frequently imitated but never matched, Original Cones’ “natural” line is made of unbleached hemp paper, giving smokers the option for a healthier paper without the hassle of having to actually roll, glue, and mess around with filter tips. Instead, just stuff the cone, twist the end, and light away! It’s as easy to smoke these as it is to roll them when you realize you don’t have to stress about what might be burning up in your face.


        While some people like flavored rolling papers, most smokers want to taste and enjoy their dry herbs fully. Cleaner smoking is not only good for your taste buds but for your health as well.

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