Sherlock Pipes

★★★★ 4.85 / 5 stars, 400 reviews

Sherlock pipes got their name after their iconic appearance in the hands of Sherlock Holmes over a century ago. Thanks to their elongated shape and curved neck, sherlock pipes are unmistakable. These pipes have a nice and unique aesthetic that separates them from spoons, chillums, or glass blunts. DankStop offers an assortment of various styles, colors, and designs of sherlock pipes. 

An extra long and curved sherlock pipe is also referred to as a "Gandalf Pipe". Aptly named after the famous pipe held by Gandalf himself in J.R.R. Tolkeins Lord of The Rings, these fun pipes are all you need to feel like a gray haired wizard. Gandalf pipes are often huge (sometimes over 12" long!) so they're not quite as portable as a standard sherlock. 

For an awesome table piece, be sure to check out our selection of standing sherlock pipes. These have a flat base so they're able to sit upright on your table, always ready for use! The flat base makes them hard to tip, so you never lose any of your precious tobacco!