Sherlock Pipes

Sherlock pipes got their name after their iconic appearance in the hands of Sherlock Holmes over a century ago. Thanks to their elongated shape and curved neck, sherlock pipes are unmistakable. These pipes have a nice and unique aesthetic that separates them from spoons, chillums, or glass blunts. Believe it or not, the sherlock pipe was the hand pipe of choice for English smokers back in the day. It is hailed as a classic among smoking connoisseurs. The sherlock pipe was actually once referred to as a "billard" or "bing," and its influence made it as far as the English colonies in Africa, India, and America. DankStop offers an assortment of various styles, colors, and designs of sherlock pipes. In fact, there are many brands that produce their own signature sherlocks. Among these companies are Mathematix, Grav Labs, and Chameleon Glass. The great thing about having this variety of options is that you can grab yourself a perfectly suitable pipe, no matter your preference. On the one hand, the Grav Labs Mini Sherlock Pipe is smaller than most. It is also unique in the sense that its dry herb bowl is not spherical and bulbous. Rather, the bowl is cylindrical shaped. It gives the bowl a more classic look. Better yet, you can get the pipe in several different colors: clear, blue, pink, yellow, green, black, and white. While Grav Labs has a great approach to their sherlocks, Empire Glassworks is also worth checking out. They theme these classic hand pipes. Their themes range from a beehive to an octopus, and they go all out on these intricate designs. Chameleon Glass is also known for their themed pipes. See for yourself which brand's approach is your most preferred by perusing our lovely collection below. These companies also have some great spoon pipes, glass bluntschillums, and steamrollers worth checking out.

An extra long and curved sherlock pipe is also referred to as a "Gandalf Pipe". Chameleon Glass specializes in producing this style sherlock pipe. Aptly named after the famous pipeheld by Gandalf himself in J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of The Rings, these fun pipes are all you need to feel like a gray haired wizard. Gandalf pipes are often huge (sometimes over 12" long!) so they're not quite as portable as a standard sherlock. However, the mouthpiece is much farther away from the dry herbs bowl than most other sherlocks. This design actually goes beyond pure aesthetics, and has a functional benefit. Some sherlock pipes have the mouthpiece a bit too close to the dry herbs bowl. When you go to light the dry herbs, the heat of the flame runs the risk of being too close to your face. With a Gandalf pipe, you ever have to worry about that. If you have some concern about lighting your dry herbs in close proximity to your face, then we strongly recommend taking a look a Gandalf pipe.

Apart from the Gandalf variation of these timeless hand pipes, there are also versions that use water. That's right, you can even have this pipe filter your smoke as you inhale. The possibilities seem endless! Do you enjoy a nice filtered smoke? Check out the Gandalf Sherlock Bubbler by Mathematix. It is one heck of a hand pipe that has every characteristic you could want. Firstly, it can stand on its own. There are some amazing sherlocks out there, but not all of them have the capability to stand on a flat surface. This causes you to put the hand pipe on its side, which looks much less presentable than having stand upright. Secondly, it is available in multiple colors: blue, green, and orange. If there is a hand pipe that has nearly everything you could ask for, it's the Gandalf Sherlock Bubbler. It's easy to handle, thoroughly filters your smoke, stands on its own, and comes in multiple different color options. Sherlock pipes do not often have the capability to utilize water for filtration. The reason is that the standard design of hand pipes, and sherlock pipes in particular, does not account for a percolation system. Therefore, sherlock pipes must be slightly re-engineered in order to account for the intake of water. When you come across a sherlock bubbler, always take the opportunity to check it out. There aren't that many out there, and it is fascinating to see the different approaches that differing companies take. If you want more of a selection of pipes like this, check out our bubblers. If you're looking for something even more optimal for filtration, check out our recycler bongs

If you are looking for an awesome table piece in particular, be sure to check out our selection of standing sherlock pipes. This selection of products is similar to the Gandalf Sherlock Bubbler in that it has glass marble appendages on the underside of the dry herb bowl, which enable it to stand on its own. They have a flat base, so they're able to sit upright on your table. They are always ready for use! The flat base makes them hard to tip, so you never lose any of your precious tobacco! If you think you might be interested in a standing sherlock pipe, the be sure to check out the Octopus Themed Glass Sherlock Pipe. Made by Empire Glassworks, this Octopus Themed Sherlock Pipe has a flat base. You may be wondering how a sherlock pipe, which always has a round and bulbous dry herb bowl, has a flat base. The way this works is by having flat glass fused to the underside of the dry herb bowl. This allows the pipe to maintain its design. In other words, the flat part of the pipe has the same consistent design as the rest of the pipe. There are a couple benefits to having a sherlock pipe that can stand up on its own. For instance, you can pack your bowl of dry herbs without having to have one hand holding the pipe itself. You can also put a stand-able sherlock pipe on display, since it can hold itself upright. The great part about all of this is that the classic design of the pipe is also maintained. Even though there is glass fused to the bottom of the bowl, the entire pipe still has that classic look which is so signature of the sherlock. If you want to see how creative hand pipes can be, a break from the classic form of the sherlock, then take a look at our novelty pipes.

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