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    GIVEAWAY | funky pineapple bong
    Get ready to win a new bong! Get the Funky Pineapple Bong in Dankstop's flash giveaway sweepstakes.  Enter:  funky pineapple bong This isn't your supermarket pineapple. The Funky Pineapple Bong is an interesting twist on everybody's favorite tropical fruit. Raised glass marbles encompass the base of the bong while worked glass leafs can be found on the neck. A polished 14mm female joint is...
  • Cleverly Themed: Empire Glassworks

    Cleverly Themed: Empire Glassworks
    Specializing in uniquely themed glass, Empire Glassworks has garnered quite the reputation with their intricate yet fully functional pieces. From tiny dabbers to elaborate bongs, Empire Glassworks creates truly awe-inspiring art that you can use in your smoking and/or dabbing life. Balancing looks and functionality can be difficult (and sometimes expensive) but they do it flawlessly. In this brand review we will look at...
  • Giveaway - "Daito" Modular Three Piece UFO Perc Bong

    Giveaway - "Daito" Modular Three Piece UFO Perc Bong
    Ronin Glass has continued to produce amazingly built, truly unique pieces since their inception. Now you can receive one of their biggest water pipes for absolutely FREE! One lucky person will win a "Daito" Modular Three Piece UFO Perc Bong for this week's DankStop Giveaway. Standing at almost 18" tall, the Ronin Glass "Daito" Modular Three Piece UFO Perc Bong is as impressive as...
  • Giveaway - The Saxophone Bong

    Giveaway - The Saxophone Bong
    A bong of this size can cost over $100 easily. For one lucky winner it will be absolutely FREE! The Saxophone Bong from Nucleus is quite the prize.The Nucleus Saxophone Bong is almost 19" tall and 6.5" wide. With two chambers, each housing their own perc, your dry herbs will taste amazing every hit. The first chamber is positioned perpendicular to the rest of...
  • Giveaway - Stacked Inverted Showerhead Perc Bong

    Giveaway - Stacked Inverted Showerhead Perc Bong
    A water pipe known for its hefty hits, the Nucleus Stacked Inverted Showerhead Perc Bong can now possibly be yours for FREE! One lucky winner will receive this clear glass bong, a $99.99 value! With three inverted showerhead percs located on top of one another, this water pipe will diffuse your smoke multiple times, resulting in a very smooth toke. Each of the percolators...
  • Inspired Glass by Inspired Artists: The Ronin Glass Way

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    Inspired Glass by Inspired Artists: The Ronin Glass Way
    Nothing is more disappointing than the feeling of being ripped off. This can happen in the smoking community, with companies using cheaper, thinner glass for better margins or inserting unnecessary percs to hike up prices. There has to be a thought process behind making a glass pipe. You can’t just throw a bunch of different shapes together and expect it to work. Ronin Glass...
  • Sleek and Affordable: Nucleus Knows What You Need

    Sleek and Affordable: Nucleus Knows What You Need
    In a smoking world full of overpriced, inferior products it is always crucial to find brands that not only satisfy your wallet but also your own personal standards. Too many times you have to sacrifice one for the other. Then you stumble upon Nucleus in all of its glory. With a wide range of styles and designs that are well within most budgets, Nucleus...
  • The Best Bongs Under $100

    The Best Bongs Under $100
    Most people hear cheap bongs and think of rinky-dink, gas station bongs that taste terrible, look horrendous, and break easily. With the improvements in technology, skilled glassblowing becoming more readily available, and higher demand, reliable bongs can be found for very reasonable prices. All different styles and designs can be found, featuring percs and materials that were hard to find in the past for...
  • NY Smoker Leaves Out Free Bong For 4/20

    NY Smoker Leaves Out Free Bong For 4/20
    Whether it's Christmas, Thanksgiving or 4/20, some people really get into the holiday spirit. Case in point, whoever left out this free bent neck bong on the curb in Glendale, NY this morning. Just in case anyone was wary, the generous smoker even left a note asking someone to "put me on sidewalk...somebody will take me". While most people would shy away from a...