Giveaway - The Saxophone Bong


A bong of this size can cost over $100 easily. For one lucky winner it will be absolutely FREE! The Saxophone Bong from Nucleus is quite the prize.

nucleus saxophone
The Nucleus Saxophone Bong is almost 19" tall and 6.5" wide. With two chambers, each housing their own perc, your dry herbs will taste amazing every hit. The first chamber is positioned perpendicular to the rest of the bong to fit the large inline perc. After your smoke is diffused through the slits on the bottom of the inline perc it flows into the next chamber by way of a tree perc. The bent neck is held in place by a sturdy Dewar's Joint and creates a comfortable, easy to handle smoking experience.

The Saxophone Bong has numerous features including:

 Dual Chamber
 Nucleus Decals
 Bent Neck
 Deep Bowl
 Dewar's Joint
 Flared Mouthpiece
 Inline Perc
 Tree Perc
 Scientific Glass
 Thick Glass

    Nucleus The Saxophone Bong

    Nucleus Saxophone Bong

    The contest starts September 12th and runs through the 20th. There are a ton of ways to enter so get in as many as you can before the 11:59 AM 9/20 deadline.

    Whether you were the lucky winner of The Saxophone Bong or not, you should check out Nucleus' other bongs including:

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