Sleek and Affordable: Nucleus Knows What You Need

nucleus glass brand
In a smoking world full of overpriced, inferior products it is always crucial to find brands that not only satisfy your wallet but also your own personal standards. Too many times you have to sacrifice one for the other. Then you stumble upon Nucleus in all of its glory. With a wide range of styles and designs that are well within most budgets, Nucleus has found a way to blend expert craftsmanship with affordable pricing.

Nucleus Glass BrandBased out of Central New Jersey, Nucleus makes everything from 18 inch water pipes to percolating ashcatchers and everything in between. Nucleus knows that a good smoke or dab sesh is not solely based on one particular thing. It does not matter how magnificent your recycler is if the bowl you have is puny or shatters quickly. A bad vaporizer can waste your dry herbs and therefore your hard earned money. Everyone wants a good deal but not at the expense of a shoddy product. Nucleus consults local glass blowers for the best techniques and cutting edge practices available. With clean and sleek designs, most of their products could easily go for double what they do. DankStop also constantly has sales that feature the entire Nucleus collection.

Throughout this article you will see the wide range of Nucleus products and how they can help your next smoke session along with keeping your bank account as green as your herbs.


12" Classic Beaker Bong w/ Donut Ice Catcher12" Classic Beaker Bong w/ Donut Ice Catcher

Let's start with a prime example of Nucleus genius, the 12" Classic Beaker Bong w/ Donut Ice Catcher. With clear glass throughout, this water pipe is simple yet elegant and gets the job done. Between the removable downstem and donut style ice catcher, your smoke will taste excellent. This bong is not flashy but is a great and consistent daily driver. Standing around a foot tall, the 12" Classic Beaker Bong w/ Donut Ice Catcher is a good size and because of its shape produces nice sized hits. Here are some more features of this Nucleus bong

• Clear, Scientific Glass

• Flared Mouthpiece for Comfortable Inhales

• Donut Style Ice Catcher

• Removable Diffused Downstem

• Nucleus Decals

• Beaker Base

• Includes Deep Bowl


"Iso" Dry Herb Vaporizer Kit"Iso" Dry Herb Vaporizer Kit

There are so many choices when it comes to dry herb vaporizers. They all vary so personal preference does play in here. When it comes to vapes for myself, specifically portable vape pens, I want something simple that still allows me to control the temperature. In comes the "Iso" Dry Herb Vaporizer Kit with a price point that makes you think you're dreaming. An easy to use analog button paired with three temperature settings, which are highlighted by colors, makes using this vape pen a breeze. No having to remember how many clicks are needed when the temperature indicator lights up when you get to each degree range. Want to start off with a more relaxed burn to salvage taste then switch to a heavier impact for affect? All it takes is a few simple button clicks.

Other features of the "Iso" Dry Herb Vaporizer Kit include:

• Choice of Color

• Three Temperature Settings

• Cleaning Brush, Extra Screens, and User Manual

• 4 Mouthpiece Covers

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    "Basics" 8" Full Color Beaker Bong
    "Basics" 8" Full Color Beaker Bong

    Similar to the aforementioned 12" Classic Beaker Bong w/ Donut Ice Catcher, the “Basics 8” Full Color Beaker Bong is a reliable, smart choice. As you can see these are qualities that are found in all Nucleus pieces. The differences between these two can be seen as plusses for both. While the 12” beaker bong is a clear, scientific glass style, the “Basics” water pipe is a bit smaller and comes in your choice of color. If you are a fan of the style of the 8” but want a clear body check out the clear “Basics” version. The more compact 8” Basics is ideal for travelling while not sacrificing any functionality.

    • Choice of Color

    • Compact 8” Height and 3” Width Makes for Easy Travelling

    • Removable, Diffused Downstem

    • Nucleus Decals

    • Beaker Chamber

    • Flared Mouthpiece for Comfortable Inhales

    • Donut-Style Ice Catcher

    • Thick Glass Construction


      Skinny Neck Silicone Beaker Bong
      Skinny Neck Silicone Beaker Bong

      Keeping on the path of portable, the Skinny Neck Silicone Beaker Bong is about as good as it gets. With an entirely silicone body and downstem (the bowl is glass obviously) this super lightweight and durable, fully functional water pipe is trouble free. The silicone used is food grade, dishwasher safe, and does not melt unless you are smoking on the sun. No really the melting point is over 1200°F. You will have to try to melt this thing or take a pair of garden shears to it to mess it up. If the smaller size (7.5”x3”) is a concern of yours, step it up to the larger version offered by Nucleus.

      • Choice of Color

      • Removable Silicone Downstem

      • Melting Point Over 1200°F

      • Dishwasher Safe

      • Food Grade Silicone

      • Mini Beaker Base Pops Off for Easy Cleaning

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        Accented Water Pipe w/ Ashcatcher Bowl

        Accented Water Pipe w/ Ashcatcher Bowl

        Just because Nucleus is on the affordable side does not mean they don’t offer bongs with some bells and whistles. The Accented Water Pipe w/ Ashcatcher Bowl is a great example of this enginuity. The main attraction of this piece is the ashcatcher bowl. With only a small amount of water needed, this 14mm male bowl gives you another chamber to catch debris before it ever reaches the body of the bong. Between the bowl, removable downstem, and ufo perc your smoke will taste amazing every time. Combine all these percs with a few ice cubes placed on the nifty three prong ice catcher and you can expect consistently icy smooth hits. There is another version of this bong that comes with a tree perc. If you are interested in just the bowl, DankStop offers it as a standalone product. Here are some features of the Accented Water Pipe w/ Ashcatcher Bowl:

        • Choice of Colored Accents

        • Ashcatcher Bowl

        • Removable, Diffused Downstem

        • Flared Mouthpiece for Comfortable Inhales

        • Nucleus Decals

        • Three Pronged Ice Catcher

        • Domed Splashguard to Prevent Splashback


          hexagon silicone jar
          Hexagon Silicone Jar

          Mentioned at the beginning of this review, Nucleus makes more than just water pipes. The Hexagon Silicone Jar proudly bears the Nucleus name and logo on its lid. Made out of high grade silicone this concentrate jar holds a decent amount of your favorite dabs with a 1” by 2” size. Threads surround both the lid and base so it closes securely. The hexagon shape gives your concentrates a bit more room and the walls make it easy to scoop out dabs. Don’t worry about any stickage as your waxes and oils will not hold onto the silicone. I know it is hard to get excited over silicone jars, but when you see the colors the Nucleus Hexagon Silicone Jar comes in, you will want to match one up with your current dab setup. This concentrate accessory features:

          • Choice of Color

          • Hexagon Shaped

          • High-Grade Silicone

          • Threads to Close Tightly

          • Holds About an 1/8th of Concentrate

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            pipe mugPipe Mug

            By far the funnest product to test from the Nucleus line was the Pipe Mug. If you are a wake n’ bake kind of person, this is a godsend. It is a fully functional pipe combined with a large sturdy mug! A hefty pack and a mountainous cup of coffee makes any monday better. The Pipe Mug is made of ceramic and is coated with a color glaze to prevent any leakage. Both microwave and dishwasher safe, the construction of this pipe keep your herbs and coffee separate so there is no cross contamination. Pick up one for your buddy as this can be used by pretty much anyone, as I am almost certain those who do not smoke still consume liquids. Just make sure to be careful when hitting it or you might end up with a lap full of macchiato. Pair the Pipe Mug with some Koko Nuggz and you have a tasty night cap.

            • Fully Functional Pipe

            • No Cross Contamination

            • Made of Dishwasher/Microwave Safe Ceramic

            • Perfect for Wake n Bakers

            • Nucleus Decal Featured on Front

            • Makes a Great Gift



              nucleus silicone bongNucleus’ line of products is all over the place, in a good way. If you needed a gift for someone, a new dab rig setup, a reliable daily driver, a new downstem, Nucleus has it. Interestingly pretty much all the products featured in this article are available for under $100, most under $50. Nucleus has truly found the sweet spot of functionality, design, and price point that any smoker can appreciate. They have something for every kind of smoker regardless of your income. These products, along with the rest of their line, lives up to the “reliable pieces at reasonable prices” slogan put upon them.

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