Giveaway - "Daito" Modular Three Piece UFO Perc Bong


ronin daito giveaway
Ronin Glass
has continued to produce amazingly built, truly unique pieces since their inception. Now you can receive one of their biggest water pipes for absolutely FREE! One lucky person will win a "Daito" Modular Three Piece UFO Perc Bong for this week's DankStop Giveaway.

Standing at almost 18" tall, the Ronin Glass "Daito" Modular Three Piece UFO Perc Bong is as impressive as it is functional. With two thick UFO percs in each chamber, you can expect great tasting hits on a consistent basis. While you might think this bong would be hard to clean considering the amount of nuances, each section including the mouthpiece is removable. Held together by keck clips, there has never been a bong this large and intricate while still being easy to clean. The black and red theme of all Ronin Glass pieces is represented here as well with the red keck clips contrasting the black accents beautifully.

If you win this monumental bong, you will be receiving:

 Interchangeable Parts
 Deep Bowl
 Dewar's Joint
 Two UFO Percs
 Removable Mouthpiece
 Thick Glass
 ...and much more!

    Ronin Glass "Daito" Bong

    Ronin Daito

    For your chance to win, enter the sweepstakes before September 27th. Feel free to put in as many entries as possible to increase your chance of winning this gorgeous bong.

    If you weren't lucky enough to win this week's giveaway, consider other Ronin Glass products, including:

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