Smoking Gear for Your College Dorm

college dorm
If you’re worn out from a long day of working just hard enough to please your parents with some good grades, you’re probably looking for a way to lean back and relax. Smoking in college dorms can be troublesome, with pesky RAs running around indoors and campus security parading around outdoors. But with a little know-how and the right equipment you can chill knowing you’ll evade these problems.

Location, Location, Location

Location is everything. Choices are different when you’re in a frat house with as much space as you want to roll out your tabletop vape versus being in a shared bedroom with two roommates (sorry, frosh). Here are some choices for the best college smoking gear for when you want to be discreet—and the best pieces for when you don’t care.

Low-Key Vaping Setups

"slim" wax vaporizer pen

If you’ve got a nosey roommate, the obvious choice for best smoking equipment is a vape pen. They’re almost entirely odorless and look like e-cigarettes, making them subtle enough to leave around without attracting too much attention (heck, even put it in your pencil holder if you want). Choosing the kind of concentrate you’re going to vaporize (or if you prefer dry herb) dictates what pen you should get. Wax pens can take quite a bit of work to fill up and need to be refilled more frequently than oil pens, which are also available as batteries alone to be paired with prefilled cartridges. The Kind Pen offers choices for either concentrate preference. Both the “Slim” Oil Vape Pen and the “Slim” Wax Vaporizer Pen are simple, affordable battery/cartridge combos.

Take a look at The Best Wax Pens of 2018 if you want to continue your search.

Subtle Smoking

"iso" dry herb vaporizer kit

Since dry herbs are generally more available than concentrates but leave behind a smell, you might want to consider picking up a vaporizer made specifically for them. If you keep the vaporization temperature relatively low (via an adjustable dial) you shouldn’t have too much of a problem with any detectable smell. Dry herb vapes are chunkier looking than concentrate pens, and are harder to pass off as anything other than what they are. The Nucleus’ “Iso” Dry Herb Vaporizer Kit has everything you need to get started.

For folks who want to keep their options open, there are dual-use vapes out there. These allows you to switch between vaping dry herb and whatever concentrate you like. Some popular dual-use vapes we offer include:

Don’t Let it Linger

smokebuddy incense sticks

Make sure you pick up a Smokebuddy air filter to keep any smells from lingering around too long. Although this other article is about how to smoke in your hotel room, you can follow the same steps to keep your smells private.

Incense sticks can also prove to overpower smoke smell while leaving your room scented beautifully. Bluntmax offers a ton of fragrances to fit anyone’s nasal palate.

No School like the Old School

chillum or glass blunt

If you’re trying to just smoke old school and blow it out the window, consider picking up a chillum or glass blunt. They’re usually little one-hit pipes that are affordable and occasionally disposable. With a towel under the door and a fan set up nearby to direct air away from it, you shouldn’t have much problem smoking on the DL.

Nucleus’ 12mm 3” Chillum with Marble is both an alluring piece of glass and a smartly designed pipe, with a bubble on the side to keep the chillum from rolling off the surface it’s on.

For environmentally minded students looking to go more organic, Monkey Pipe makes The Oregon Trail, a small, rustic wooden bowl with a closable lid for added portability.

If your budget allows for it, Dream Pipes’ Liquid Freezable Glitter Chillum is an eye-catching piece with the added bonus of cooling down your smoke, a big benefit when it comes to a small pipe.

Bowls: Not Just for Cereal

glitter pipe glow in the dark

Bowls are always a solid choice for a quick sesh, and these days it’s easy to find one that impresses while also getting the job done. Dream Pipes also makes a Liquid Freezable Glitter Pipe for people looking for the same cooling experience with a bigger hit.

The DankStop Luminous Glow-in-the-Dark Stone Pipe is a great example of a simple piece that will wow your smoking buddies. It was even featured in our Beginner’s Guide to Pipes.

Don’t Accumulate More Debt

best pipes under 20

If you are like most college students, you’re balling on a budget. Check out our list of The Best Pipes Under $20 to find an inexpensive option.

Saving Space

silicone cone bubbler

Subtlety might not be a limiting factor for you, but in a dorm room space saving is always a consideration. Things get knocked around a lot in those tiny spaces, so if you’re looking for something relatively small that can survive your clumsiness consider picking up a piece made of silicone. Silicone pipes are always a great option for those looking to bring water into their sessions. If you are still worried about space, Nucleus makes a great compact Silicone Cone Bubbler. It’s an innovative little piece that attaches pre-rolls to a filtration system and has a suction cup on the bottom so that the contraption doesn’t fall over. The top comes off so you can thoroughly scrub your piece after each use and avoid a musty giveaway smell in your dorm. Its size makes it super portable, in case you want to bring some fun over to a friend’s room. It would be a great time to show off some smoke tricks.

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A+ College Smoking Gear

college smoking gear

There are plenty of compact and discrete options available to smokers and vapers alike. With a little bit of knowledge and digging around you’ll be sure to find the right one to light up your weekend nights. Just be sure to get your homework done first.

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