The Best Wax Pens of 2018

best wax pens
Half a decade ago, the popularity and widespread availability of wax pens would’ve been unthinkable. But now, with expanding access to affordable, health-conscious wax, these pieces are becoming more universal than ever. There are a lot of choices out there but Dankstop wants to help you pick the right one for your needs. Here are our picks for the best wax pens of 2018.

v2.w concentrate vaporizer kit

The Kind Pen V2.W Concentrate Vaporizer Kit

The Kind Pen is renowned for its wide range of vape pens, and this year’s offerings are only cementing their reputation. The V2.W Concentrate Vaporizer Kit, which comes in both a subtle matte black as well as a number of eye-catching colors for the non-discrete, is a lauded option for concentrate consumption on the go. It’s compact and USB-rechargeable, though it does have a fixed temperature setting, which some vapers might see as a drawback (since certain concentrates vape better at low temperatures and others at higher ones). The atomizer, or heating element, is made of two ceramic rods with titanium coils, an effective way of quickly getting the pen to the temperature it’s meant to function at. The pen comes as a complete kit with a storage jar and skillet tool, which makes it easy to pack the pen on the go. And you can’t scoff at its lifetime warranty! Most pen makers don’t take responsibility for what happens when the product leaves their hands, but The Kind Pen marks itself as a different kind of manufacturer.


galaxy vaporizer

KandyPens Galaxy Vaporizer

Kandypens has its own wax pen option available; the Galaxy Vaporizer. This little guy has an adjustable temperature, which means that people who prefer to be able to customize their vaping experience can do so. It’s got a powerful heating element made of a quartz crystal with titanium coils that works as strong as an entire dab rig. The pen comes in a number of colors, both standard and limited edition, giving you options for when you want to show off this slim, cigarette-shaped pen. The Galaxy Vaporizer comes with a dab tool for filling.


elite vaporizer

KandyPens Elite Vaporizer

Kandypens also offers a higher-end option, the Elite Vaporizer, which comes with two separate concentrate atomizers: one that’s quartz crystal and another that’s made of ceramic. These options are ideal for someone who prefers being able to choose the type of heating element they use and more closely resembles a dab rig for this reason (in the sense that you can swap out the material of your nail/heating element). Unlike many vape pens this one has an air carb on the mouthpiece, giving you the option to change the airflow of the pen. Like the Galaxy Vaporizer, the Elite Vaporizer’s temperature is variable, with options for 300, 350, 390, and 430 degrees Fahrenheit—all within the range of what is considered low-temp dabbing and therefore ideal for vaporizing concentrates without burning or wasting them. The Elite Vaporizer comes in varying shades of gold, making it a standout when it comes to aesthetics. It’s USB-rechargeable and comes with a travel case, dab tool, two alcohol cleaning wipes, and an instruction card.


prima vaporizer

Vapir Prima Vaporizer

Vapir’s Prima Vaporizer is a stunner of a dual-use vaporizer, which means that it can handle both concentrates and dry herbs. This is a plus, of course, for anyone who likes to switch back and forth between the two or just wants the option to do so. It uses both conduction and convection to create vapor, which helps to create hits that are as strong as any dab rig or bong. Though it’s heftier than other portable vaporizers, the Prima Vaporizer’s brushed aluminum body is sleek and attractive enough to make up for any apparent chunkiness. This rechargeable vaporizer also has a replaceable lithium-ion battery, meaning that if anything goes wrong you have the option to switch it out instead of throwing the whole pen in the trash. In fact, much of this vaporizer disassembles for easy cleaning, including the vapor path. It comes with screens, wax pads, a cleaning brush, a filling scoop, charging materials, and a silicone cap sleeve to keep the mouthpiece clean. Vapir also offers another dual use option, the Rise 2.0 Ultimate Vaporizer.


pinnacle pro dlx vaporizer

Vapor Blunt Pinnacle Pro DLX Vaporizer

Last up is Vapor Blunt’s Pinnacle Pro DLX Vaporizer, which can be used with dry herbs and concentrates as well. This stunner is a portable pen unlike most others. Its ceramic atomizer takes 90 seconds to heat up and it also features an auto shutoff for safety and power-saving. Like some other pens it has an adjustable temperature option. It comes with the standard equipment: a filling canister, a charger, an adaptor and so forth. But what really sets the Pinnacle Pro DLX apart is its glass hydrotube; a scientific glass 14.5mm adaptor that allows the pen the option for additional water filtration through a percolator, something that most vape pens aren’t even close to doing. It’s certainly not the most affordable option when it comes to wax pens, but it might be the strongest thanks to Vapor Blunt’s ingenuity.

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