Break Out These Smoke Tricks for Your Next Party

smoke tricks
Everyone loves a show, and never more so than when there’s a party going on. If you’re interested in being the center of attention there’s one easy way to do it with maximum style and minimum effort: smoke tricks. Whether you
vape or smoke, there are a number of different methods for impressing the crowd; here are our top picks.

The Essentials

For all of the tricks, two things are essential: an atmosphere that isn’t too windy and a mouth full of smoke or vapor. Getting the first down is easy enough (although plenty of advanced smokers can do tricks even in the breezy outdoors) and the second just takes some practice. Because smoke dissipates in your lungs, the key to getting most smoke tricks to work is to take a few short hits and hold the smoke in your mouth rather than letting it slip down into your lungs.

liquid mist trick

If you don’t want to learn any new techniques but still want to impress, consider the Liquid Mist trick, which works best with vapor. All you have to do is take a hit of the vape and then position your mouth over the rim of a cold drink. Touch your mouth to the rim of the glass as if you’re going to take a drink and instead slowly exhale the vapor onto its surface. You’ll surprise party guests with how long the mist stays on top of the drink, and it’ll definitely make you look mysterious if not downright magical. Find the vaporizer that will help you produce the necessary heavy hits in our vaporizer collection!

French Inhale

french inhale

One of the most basic smoking tricks is known as a French Inhale, or what some people call a Waterfall. First, pull the smoke or vapor into your mouth, holding it there without pulling it into your throat. If you want to make things easier, puff out your cheeks a little (not so much that you look like a chipmunk, unless you’re going for that). Slightly jut your lower lip out so that your mouth is open and lets out the smoke, then inhale through your nose. If you put your top teeth on your bottom lip you can create what’s known as the Bane Inhale, which creates lines in the smoke or vapor that resemble the Batman villain’s mask. Definitely a hit with comic book fans!


ghosting trick
Ghosting is a similar, slightly easier trick: perform the same procedure of keeping the smoke in your mouth before letting a bit flow out between your lips until the cloud is about 2-4 inches away. Then quickly inhale it back using your mouth. To make this trick even cooler, try a Snap Inhale: after taking a 2-3 second drag, close your mouth and curl your tongue until the tip touches the roof of your mouth. Open your mouth and snap your tongue to the bottom of your mouth, forcing the smoke out with a little burst of air. Then pucker your lips into a whistling shape and pull the smoke back into your mouth.

The Dragon

dragon smoke trick
If you want something with a little more smoky flamboyance, try the Dragon. Once again, pull a bunch of smoke or vapor into your mouth without inhaling it into your lungs. Once you’ve got a thick cloud ready, press the center of your lips together and exhale out of either side of your mouth and both nostrils at the same time. Try it from a themed piece like the
Dragon Themed Mini Spoon Pipe or the Black Dragon Bong for the ultimate effect

Using Props

using props
If you’ve got time or desire to use a prop, vape bubbles are an easy, cheap and visually striking way to bring some childhood fun to the party. It takes some setup, though: mix a solution of soap and water and dip the end of a cylindrical object (like a toilet paper roll or even a straw) into it. Take a hit of smoke or vape and exhale through the dry end of the tube to create a smoky bubble. Pop it or let it float free—the choice is yours.

Blowing Rings

blowing o's
One of the most well-known smoke tricks is also one of the most impressive: blowing rings. It takes a bit of practice, but a few rounds of at-home efforts will give you the skills to bring this trick to a party. Pull a cloud of smoke or vapor into your mouth and then pucker your lips into an ‘O’ shape. Keeping your tongue in the middle of your mouth and towards the back of your throat, push a bit of smoke out with a move that’s similar to a noiseless little burst of a cough. You can change the size of the ring by moving your lips closer to or farther away from one another. You can even learn to blow double and triple smoke rings, which just requires putting a vertical finger (or two) against the middle of the ‘O’ your mouth is making and continuing as normal. You can even learn to manipulate the smoke ring after it’s blown by maneuvering your hand around the smoke spinning or even bending it.

monkey o's

If that last trick seemed too intricate, luckily there is a product that does all the hard work for you! Monkey O’s, a Florida company, created an accessory that makes blowing rings all fun and no work by eliminating the lip formations and details. Simply load up your lungs then exhale in short bursts through the smaller end of the Monkey O. The smoking accessory can be used with smoke, vapor, or the included Monkey Juice that is specifically made for bubbles. The Monkey O Kit allows you to have fun while performing tricks instead of focusing on form.

There are plenty of smoke tricks out there, but getting even the most basic ones under your belt is bound to make you a hit at the next party you attend.