Protect Your Piece with the PieceProtect™ Warranty Program

piece protect
DankStop is constantly looking for ways to make our customers happier than before. One thing we can't control is bad luck and clumsiness. We are not making fun of you by any means as we have all knocked a pipe off our desks or fumbled a hand off while in a smoking circle. If you want to keep your mind at ease, take a look at our PieceProtect™ Warranty Program!

The fastest and most affordable way to protect your smoking gear, the PieceProtect™ Warranty Program can be added to any eligible product in your cart. An easy to follow step-by-step prompt will guide you towards a 50% credit of the replacement item price. You will receive a code that will attribute the discount next time you are ordering. Use this code when you order your replacement so you can get back to smoking!

For only 5-10% of the product's cost, you can obtain PieceProtect™ on any of the selected brands:


It doesn't have to be the same piece that you originally purchased, not even the same brand! If something else catches your eye, use the discount on that! Check out all the details on the PieceProtect™ Warranty Program page.

You must purchase PieceProtect™ Warranty Program separately for every eligible product before you checkout as you can not receive it after. PieceProtect™ can be easily checked off on any eligible product page before adding it to your cart

How long does the PieceProtect™ Warranty Program last? Forever! Even if your great grand-kids break it in 50 years, your piece will still be covered.

lifetime warranty

The PieceProtect™ Warranty Program is a wonderful addition to any product, no matter how much confidence you have in your handling. You never know when your dog or cat may get the zoomies or your super clumsy friend (we all have one) is coming over. The small price to initially pay for peace of mind is worth signing up for the PieceProtect™ Warranty Program.