Benefits of Quartz Nails and Carb Caps

We get a lot of questions about the differences between quartz, titanium, and ceramic nails, the most popular of which is “What type of concentrate nail is right for me?”. While a large factor in your nail buying decision is personal preference, we’ve noticed that quartz accessories are extremely popular and for good reason. Here we’ll detail for you the benefits of quartz, different styles of quartz nails, and various quartz carb caps to answer any questions you might have before making your next purchase. 

Quartz vs. Glass Nails

Most dab rigs come with a standard glass nail, but what many people don’t realize is that they aren’t having the best smoking experience they can have. Glass nails are weak, fragile, don’t have a long lifespan, and have lower heat retention. Upgrading your oil rig with a quartz nail is a simple way to make your dabbing experience more convenient and enjoyable. Quartz nails are strong, durable, hold heat for a long period of time, are easy to clean, and taste better than titanium nails.

Different Styles of Quartz Nails

DankStop has a variety of different quartz nails available, each with their own unique designs and benefits. Here are some we recommend and why:

Grav Labs Male Domeless Quartz Nail1) Grav Labs - Male Domeless Quartz Nail

This domeless quartz concentrate nail features a crown design that has great airflow due to the raised center piece. This type of quartz nail is easy to clean and this specific model is made from high quality quartz by Grav Labs in Austin, Texas.

DankStop - Female Quartz Daisy Nail
2) DankStop - Female Quartz Daisy Nail

This quartz daisy nail has a bowl design that contains 8 slits around the edges. These slits act as a way to evenly distribute airflow so that no matter where on the nail you dab, your legal concentrates and essential oils will vaporize evenly.

Quartz Banger Nail - Clear Female Joint3) Quartz Banger Nail - Clear Female Joint

This quartz nail has a banger design that gives it multiple positive attributes. The winding tube connects to a large dish so that you heat your legal concentrates away from the joint. This prevents heat stress, stress fractures, and general heat damage that can occur to your vapor rig when using a standard nail. The large dish allows you to take bigger dabs as well.

DankStop - Domeless Quartz Halo Nail4) DankStop - Domeless Quartz Halo Nail

This domeless quartz nail has a halo design that sets it apart from standard quartz nails. The halo design has slits in it that loop over the dish and function as a pathway into your water pipe. As your legal concentrates/oils are heated, the vapor gets pulled up into the halo through the 7 slits.

Quartz Honey Bucket with Male Joint5) Quartz Honey Bucket with Male Joint

This quartz honey bucket has an innovative design that provides convenience for the user. Vapor travels from the dish to the rounded chamber of the nail through a connecting tube and a hinge before entering your dab rig. The honey bucket design is appealing because it makes sure your legal concentrates are never exposed as the dish is protected by the larger chamber that it rests in. 

Quartz Carb Caps

With carb caps readily available now, smokers can enjoy low temperature dab hits, ensuring they get the best tasting vapor possible while also getting an overall safer hit. Similar to nails, quartz carb caps are more durable and stronger than standard glass carb caps. Most quartz carb caps come with a flared base that provide a universal fit to any size nail. Many quartz carb caps have a hole that provides ventilation to increase airflow and provide better dab hits.

Interested in seeing the many benefits of quartz for yourself? Check out our entire selection of quartz concentrate accessories including quartz nails, carb caps, and more!