• 710 Essentials: Tools of the Dab

    710 Essentials: Tools of the Dab
    All those flower canna-seurs have their 420 holiday and now its time for all those lovers of concentrates, wax, oil and shatter to have their moment. Happy 7/10 to all the 01L fans out there! Dab Rigs Smaller rigs are great for those looking for more of a direct and flavorful hit. The smoke is smooth and does not get a chance to become stale.  The...
  • Giveaway - LavaTech Bundle

    Giveaway - LavaTech Bundle
    Not often do you have the chance to win a tremendous dab rig. What are the chances you win not only a recycling dab rig but also a dab nail and dabber. That's three major parts of any dabbing aficionado's setup. DankStop is giving away the LavaTech Bundle for this week to help a potential dabber start dabbing or replace their old gear!  ...
  • The Best Quartz Bangers Under $30

    The Best Quartz Bangers Under $30
    Buying a quartz banger nail for your dab rig has immediate benefits. The curved shape of the banger nail means your dabs, and therefore your torch, are further away from the body of your water pipe. Because of the distance caused by the bent neck of the dab nail, the chance of heat fractures to your oil rig are significantly lower. Some people might...