Titanium Nails - Why Should Quality Matter

Titanium Nail Buyer’s Guide

When buying your new titanium nail, there are a few factors that need to be considered before making a decision. There are different sizing, pricing and quality options, as well different shapes and types of nails which can all influence your purchase. Here are some things you should know. 


When looking for the right TI nail, there are two main types to consider. First, there are traditional titanium nails which are intended for use with a dome, and sit on a male inlet adaptor (Hence the term “Nail and dome”). These nails sit freely and rather loose on top of your pipe inlet, leaving space for a dome to fit snugly right over it. These traditional nails will not work properly on pipes or rigs without a dome.

Domeless nails, your second titanium option, are a more recent addition to the dabbing community, and are quickly becoming a popular favorite. Domeless nails eliminate the need for a dome, providing a simple and easy alternative. These domeless nails have air passageways running through them, so your smoke runs directly down the middle providing quick and easy use. Carb caps which are used to “Cap,” or cover your domeless nail allow the user get the full potential hit upon use, and are a good accessory to consider when going domeless.


Size is one factor which can make or break you purchase, so making sure you choose the correct option is crucial. First you need to find out whether your pipe is fitted with a male or female adaptor. A tip to remember is that concentrate and oil rigs are more commonly associated with having male inlet adaptors, while more traditional water pipes have a female inlet, but of course this is always subject to change. Next you need to figure out what size you need, which is most likely going be one of three common sizes; 10mm, 14mm or 18mm. If you don’t know the size you need or simply want to have different usable options, you can always opt for a universal TI nail which can fit multiple sizes.

Nails in different shapes and designs are popping up all over the place due to increased popularity, so the one you choose is up to personal preference.


Quality plays a huge role in the purchasing process of a titanium nail. Low quality products are being sold left and right which can be extremely unhealthy to the human body, so finding a good one is crucial.

The first tell tale sign deciphering low and high quality products is price. Extremely low priced titanium products are commonly made with other metal materials which can cause unwanted contaminants in your hit, so watch out! Like anything else however, some companies are selling their nails extremely overpriced, making the consumer simply pay for a name.

A good thing to do before using your nail is the magnet test by waving a magnet over every part of your titanium nail. Titanium is not magnetic, so if your magnet and nail attract, you know it is not pure and therefore low quality.

After using your nail you can know for sure if you are using an inferior product or not by checking the color. If a whole bunch of colors such as green and blue are showing up, there might be some unwanted metal additives.