PAX 2 Vaporizer: The Premium Handheld Vape

PAX 2 Vaporizer: The Premium Handheld Vape
PAX is a vaporizer company that was founded by two Stanford Design Program graduates with the goal in mind of making smoking obsolete, going with convection over combustion and creating dry herb vaporizers. Based out of San Francisco, PAX first introduced the PAX Vaporizer by Ploom in June of 2012. The PAX revolutionized the vaporizer industry, by combining a sleek and discreet design with superb functionality. With three temperature presets, LED lights, and a lithium-ion rechargeable battery, the PAX had all of the latest vaporizing technology at the time and it’s clear why it became one of the highest selling vaporizers in the country. In March of 2015, PAX took their original model a huge step forward with the release of the PAX 2. Here are some of the improvements made which explain why the PAX 2 is the premiere handheld vaporizer on the market. PAX 2 Vaporizer: Specs and Features Infographic

PAX 2 Vaporizer: Temperature and Cleaning

With similar design and function to the original, PAX didn’t try to reinvent the affluent and successful wheel they had created three years prior. Rather, PAX made tweaks and improvements to guarantee that any qualms with the original would be silenced by the PAX 2. Two of the main gripes that vaporizer users had with the original PAX were its inconvenient cleaning process as well as not enough control over the temperature. The PAX 2 has a completely different mouthpiece design that puts the power/temperature button out of the vapor path and inside the unit. Whereas with the original PAX you had to worry about cleaning your mouthpiece just to ensure your vapor flowed smoothly, the PAX 2 comes with a cleaning brush and all you have to do is run the brush through the vapor path. The PAX 2 comes with four temperature presets instead of the original three. The extra option gives more freedom to the user of the vaporizer and allows every vape enthusiast to find the perfect temperature for their vaping needs. The speed in which the temperature can be adjusted also helps the vaporizing process, as a simple press of the button switches which setting you are on. The ability to do this while the vaporizer is in use is another bonus.

PAX 2 Vaporizer: Compact Size

Another aspect of the PAX 2 that is a vast improvement over the original is the size of this herb vaporizer. The newest version is 25% smaller as well as 10% lighter than the original. PAX somehow found a way to increase the transportability and handheld attributes of the vaporizer that were so groundbreaking at the time of its release. If you’re concerned that with a smaller size comes a significantly smaller chamber, you can rest assured that the PAX 2 oven is only minimally smaller (about 9%). There is plenty of room in this vaporizer for all of your dry herbs, and the precise temperature settings guarantee that you get the vaporizing experience that you’re after. Compared with other vaporizers, the size of the PAX 2 is perfect when it comes to transportability and handheld discreet smoking.

PAX 2 Vaporizer: Battery Life and Charging

When it comes to a portable dry herb vaporizer, battery life is a huge component to its success or failure. The PAX 2 has a 30% increase in battery life compared to the original PAX. Another improvement made was how the PAX 2 charges. Instead of having to charge it upside down in the charging dock (which caused materials to fall into the vapor path), you can now use a USB charging system and an external dock that attaches to the back of the vaporizer magnetically. This far more convenient and advanced charging process not only makes your life as the user easier, but also improves the function of the vaporizer. You don’t have to worry about the PAX 2 getting clogged while you’re simply charging it, as PAX realized their error that a vaporizer should never lose function as you’re waiting to use it. They rectified the mistake with a charging system that is more than just an improvement over the original, it sets the industry standard for vaporizer technology.

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The PAX 2 isn’t just an improvement over the original PAX, but it redefines the market for vaporizers. To use the PAX 2, simply press the mouthpiece button to turn it on. This vaporizer has an extremely short heat-up time of anywhere between 30 and 60 seconds. You will know your PAX 2 is ready for use when the light turns green. If you want to change the temperature setting, hold down the mouthpiece button until the four petals begin to individually light up. One petal lit is the lowest setting, while all four means you are using the vaporizer at the highest temperature (the temperature ranges between 360 to 420 degrees Fahrenheit). When you have selected your desired temperature, either hold the mouthpiece button or shake the device. One standout feature that preserves your dry herbs and the battery is the automatic temperature control technology. If the PAX 2 is untouched for 30 seconds the chamber will begin to slowly cool down, and this vaporizer has lip sensing technology that causes the same effect if it does not sense your mouth for 20 seconds. After three minutes of complete inactivity, the PAX 2 will shut off on its own. With a 10 year limited warranty on top of all of its astounding features, the PAX 2 really is the standard for all portable vaporizers in the industry. To get the premiere dry herb vaporizer on the market, check out the PAX 2 today.