Product Review: "Pakku" Puck Rig w/ Showerhead Perc

"pakku" puck rig w/ showerhead perc
If you want a reliable yet compact dab rig, the 
Ronin Glass “Pakku” Puck Rig with Showerhead Perc is a great option. The simplicity of the “Pakku” Puck Rig with Showerhead Perc can make it easy to overlook, but the functionality backs it up.

"pakku" puck rig w/ showerhead perc


Made out of high-quality glass (like all Ronin Glass products) and due to its stocky nature, the “Pakku Puck Rig with Showerhead Perc is a great combination of size and function. The included 14mm female dome and nail fits onto a 14mm male joint, which sticks directly out of the chamber. The male joint is attached to the showerhead perc which stems straight into the body of the dab rig at a 90° angle. Vapor flows out of this showerhead perc causing diffusion. The showerhead perc basically acts as a fixed downstem. The straw-like mouthpiece and neck bend away from the joint. There is a large Ronin Glass decal featured on the front of the wax rig’s body. You can either select black colored accents located around the base, showerhead perc, on the dome, and the tip of the mouthpiece, or go for a more scientific look with entirely clear glass.

"pakku" puck rig w/ showerhead perc


The puck design of this oil rig makes it very easy to carry. The 4” base width is easy to fit your hand around. The base itself also bellows out a bit to eliminate any chance of you knocking it over. You have enough going on when dabbing to have to worry about the whole rig tipping over. The showerhead downstem makes the vapor taste way better than a standard downstem. I personally like the black accents better than all clear, but I can understand why other dabbers would want the scientific glass setup. Due to its size, cleaning the dab rig is not difficult.

"pakku" puck rig w/ showerhead perc


This Ronin Glass dab rig stands at only 6 inches tall, and the chamber is even shorter. While the “Pakku” Puck Rig with Showerhead Perc produces great tasting vapor, it does not have the space for truly monstrous hits. Even though the bent neck keeps your face far enough from the nail, some people might be irked by how close they are. Torching the nail on the mini rig can also be tricky as you want to make sure you are on an angle or you could risk heat fractures on the joint and body. This problem can be solved by buying a thermal banger nail.

"pakku" puck rig w/ showerhead perc


For a water pipe that has a prototypical size and a decent amount of diffusion, the “Pakku” Puck Rig with Showerhead Perc from Ronin Glass is a great daily driver. Although the measurements are a deal breaker to some, the great looks and quality of this dab rig make it an easy pickup for any dabber.


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