What is an E-Liquid Vaporizer?

What Is An E-Liquid Vaporizer?

     E-Liquid Vaporizers have seen a massive spike in popularity as they have garnered mainstream attention. Originally seen as an alternative to smoking cigarettes, this massive industry has evolved past that as things like modified vaporizers and sub-Ohm vaping have turned it into being all about the vapor. With how advanced of an industry E-Liquid Vaporizers already is, it can be a little bit frightening to try to break into this world that has so much information surrounding it.

     There’s no need to fear; we here at DankStop have you covered. In order to really understand everything you can possibly get out of your E-Liquid Vaporizer it’s important to know the variety of options on the market. First, we’ll go briefly into the history of this booming industry.

History of E-Liquid Vaporizers

     Safer alternatives to smoking cigarettes were frequently sought out by companies, with many early attempts also going with mechanical setups. It wasn’t until e-cigarette cartridges that looked like conventional cigarettes hit the market that this method hit widespread use. However, these cartridges weren’t very versatile, leading to people manipulating them or even making their own vaporizer kits in order to tailor their experience to what they wanted.

     Once people started modifying these cartridges, companies followed suit. As time went on and more versatile vaporizers were beginning to hit the market, the use of E-Liquid in vapes became the standard. People liked the ability to select a flavor to customize the taste to their own liking, and over time more and more options became available for these E-Liquid Vaporizers.

Types of E-Liquid Vaporizers

     The most basic form of an E-Liquid Vape is the aforementioned conventional e-cigarette cartridge. Made by companies such as Blu, these cartridges are made solely as an alternative to cigarettes and aren’t as popular as other E-Liquid Vapes because they don’t produce a lot of vapor.

     More popular as starter-sets are vape pens. With their tube-like shape these E-Liquid Vaporizers don’t take up much space, making them convenient to carry around. They often have refillable tanks to hold the E-Liquid, and those tanks are attached to a battery that facilitates the vaporization. These vaporizers are convenient and easy to use, but the main drawback is that they’re not that customizable; the full extent of their versatility comes in the type and size of tank that you attach to the battery.

     If you’re looking for something that you have more control over, box mods are for you. With these, along with being able to use a wide array of tanks, you can also control the wattage that the battery gives off. In other words, you can control the amount of power being used to vaporize your E-Liquid, allowing you to blow clouds of vapor at whatever size you want.

    When it comes to blowing clouds, few lines of box mods perform better than those from the KangerTech brand. With their versatile Subox series and powerful Topbox line, KangerTech is perfect for new vapers and veterans alike. For those looking for a cheaper box mod kit, Innokin’s Cool Fire IV Vaporizer Express Kit is a phenomenal value. Whether you’re looking to vape with a tank or sub-Ohm, the Cool Fire IV gets the job done.

E-Liquid Vape Pen Function

     For the vape enthusiast that’s willing to put in a little more effort to get what they want out of their E-Liquid Vaporizer, the tank can be substituted for what is called dripping. When you drip, you remove the tank and apply the E-Liquid directly to the coil system that is attached to the battery. The liquid needs to be reapplied after every few hits, and the vaporizer can start to smoke up if hit without enough liquid on the coil, but it allows for massive clouds of smoke and better taste. It is also important to ensure that you have the correct coil for your battery.

     Through the use of dripping, people have been able to get tremendous hits out of their E-Liquid Vaporizers. This has led to an increasing number of competitions, in which the person who can blow the biggest cloud is deemed the winner. These competitions are popping up all over the country, and prizes for winning can go up to $20,000.


     Being the literal juice that makes these vaporizers go, E-Liquid is an important aspect of the enjoyment of the vaping process as well. Coming in a wide array of flavors, ranging from blueberry menthol to cotton candy, there is a lot of variety in this sector. There are many tanks that have multiple chambers for E-Liquids as well, allowing the user to mix flavors to their heart’s content.

     It’s important to note the contents of these E-Liquids. There are three or four main ingredients in an E-Liquid, depending on which one it is. One of the ingredients is Propylene Glycol, a liquid that is often used to make artificial smoke in concerts and also as a food additive. Another ingredient is Vegetable Glycerine, another food additive that tastes sweet. Next is the flavoring which is used to make the E-Juice taste as advertised. Lastly, some (but not all) E-Liquids have nicotine in them, with varying amounts to satisfy people that want to gradually stop smoking cigarettes.


     E-Liquid Vaporizers are the most customizable, effective substitute for cigarettes ever invented, and that plays big in their appeal. With the level of options out there, it’s easy to quickly and naturally progress from a novice vaper to a pro. And with the variety of E-Liquid flavors out there, this is an enjoyable experience for anyone looking to get into the game.