What's The Difference Between Titanium and Quartz Nails?

Difference between titanium and quartz nails

One of the easiest ways you can maintain the longevity of your dab rig is to upgrade from a glass nail to either a titanium nail or quartz nail. Glass nails aren’t as durable, must be replaced more often, and have a higher possibility of breaking from overheating or being dropped. The question then becomes: Is a titanium or quartz nail right for you? Both have different pros and cons, and it is a matter of personal preference on which appeals more to you.

Different titanium nails

Titanium Nails

    A favorite for many dab enthusiasts is the titanium nail. Although they are more expensive than glass nails, there is no breakage to worry about with titanium. As such, these nails regularly last through years of use, and work good-as-new for a long time with regular maintenance. Not only are these nails durable, but they’re versatile as well. There are many size-adjustable titanium nails to ensure that the user can customize their nail to whatever size they need it to be.

    These titanium nails don’t heat up as quickly as their quartz counterparts, but they’re excellent at retaining their heat for multiple quick uses. One of the main drawbacks of titanium nails is that they must be “seasoned” before use, as there is often polish and other materials coating the nail upon purchase. Seasoning makes the nail safer to use, as it can give an odd taste that is similar to burning metal if used while unseasoned. If you’re curious about how to season your nail you can check out our guide for seasoning a titanium nail.

Different size titanium nails

Quartz Nails

Quartz Domeless Nail

    Another popular option is the quartz nail. Cheaper to purchase than titanium nails, one of the main benefits of quartz nails is that they heat up quicker than titanium nails, and are in fact the fastest heating option for nails. Quartz doesn’t maintain its heat as long as titanium, however, meaning it will have to be reheated often for those that are looking to use their dab rigs multiple times in succession.

    Another positive of quartz nails is that they’re ready to use straight from the package. Because of this, some dabbers find quartz to have a more consistent, agreeable taste compared to titanium. Quartz can’t boast the same durability as titanium, though; they’re liable to break from overheating and being dropped. The user can count on getting a few months to a few years of use out of their quartz nail, depending on treatment.

Recommended Brands of Dab Nail


     Those looking for the utmost in quality from a titanium nail need look no further than the Grav Labs Titanium Adjustable Nitrate Nail. It’s an affordable, durable nail that can be adjusted to whatever size, allowing for the user to optimize their dabbing process. For those looking to go for a high end quartz nail, Dankstop’s own 4MM Thick Quartz Banger Nail is a great option. Coming in a range of joint sizes and with male and female options, this nail is designed to avoid heat stress and lasts longer than other options.

Dab Nail Brands

    For the dab enthusiast looking to improve their dabbing experience, a titanium or quartz nail is a must. Titanium is a durable, versatile option that retains heat extremely well, while quartz heats quickly and provides a nice-tasting hit. No matter what you’re looking for, there are plenty of different types of nails available.