710 Essentials: Tools of the Dab

All those flower canna-seurs have their 420 holiday and now its time for all those lovers of concentrates, wax, oil and shatter to have their moment. Happy 7/10 to all the 01L fans out there!

Dab Rigs

Smaller rigs are great for those looking for more of a direct and flavorful hit. The smoke is smooth and does not get a chance to become stale.  The small chambers of mini rigs will provide less filtration of smoke resulting in less resin build up. You inhale more product than using a big rig with more water because less smoke is filtered. Less residue means nano water pipes are easier to clean and maintain. Added benefits to smaller rigs are the convenience to conceal, hide, and store.

Bigger rigs are great for consumers looking to take substantial size dab rips. The large chamber provides room for storage of vapor. More water and percolators in a pipe provide additional filtration, offering a more refreshing hit. These rigs are great matches for electronic nails and their endless consuming capabilities. Large rigs are great for sharing at gatherings or parties because they are easily the centerpiece of conversation.

Bangers & Nails

Titanium nails are the strongest of the material options. It is able to withstand overheating and damage from falls. A quartz dish and titanium nail set will enhance the flavor and smoke experience.

Ceramic nails are capable of retaining heat longer than glass and will take longer to heat up. Ceramic maintains its temperature for longer and can take on more concentrate at one time. Ceramic nails are older than quartz bangers but still hold a strong fan base.

Quartz bangers are the newer and more common attachment you’ll see on a rig. They offer the benefit of lasting longer than traditional glass nails. Quartz also heats up faster than titanium and ceramic. Quartz also provides a better flavor experience from your product in comparison to ceramic or titanium. Dabbing at lower temperatures allows for more of a flavorful experience!

Carb & Bubble Caps

Carb and bubble caps are used to control the airflow entering a banger or a nail. Carb and bubble caps move the product by restricting the amount and direction of the air that is coming through the carb hole. These caps are a “carb” or carburetor for the rig. Carbs are found on spoon pipes and bubblers as well. The carb cap is placed over the nail after the product is applied. Make sure to select a complementing style and size for your banger or nail!

Dab Tool

Dab tools are essential to manage and transport different types of concentrates. Dab tools come in a range of sizes, styles, and materials. The most commonly used and suggested materials are titanium and glass.

Glass tools are more artistic and colorful than titanium tools. Glass offers artists the ability to create themed and fun shaped dabbing tools. There are a lot more shapes and designs that glass comes in comparison to metals. Glass is guaranteed not to alter or add any flavor to your dab hit.

Titanium tools offer many styles of tips and working sides. A benefit of titanium is that it is very durable. It can withstand unlimited falls and accidents.


Torches are necessary for dabbing because it heats the nail or banger to the desired temperature.  Torch flames are adjustable to accommodate the nail or banger. Torches are also convenient to use when cleaning titanium or glass dabbing tools. After briefly torching the tools, wipe off the residue with rolling papers to recycle or a paper towel to toss out.