Smoking Etiquette

Smoking is always best as a social activity. Sharing dank herb with your friends and family is a great way bring each other closer, so don’t screw it up! Even the chillest of smokers can get annoyed if you don’t follow basic etiquette while partaking. Here’s a few tips to make sure your invitation to the smoke circle isn’t revoked.

Whoever Provides, First Imbibes

You can’t smoke without herb, so the Bringer of Herb should be treated as royalty. After everything is rolled/packed, the supplier should be given the first hit. If multiple people have brought herb (as they should if possible), then whoever puts theirs in at the beginning of rotation gets to go first, regardless of order.  If someone besides the supplier has contributed their pipe/rolled a j, then that person should get the first hit, followed by the supplier.

Corner The Bowl

If you’re smoking from a hand pipe or bong, you’ll want to make sure that every person in the crew gets a fresh green hit. Most people point their lighter directly into the bowl, burning away most of the fresh herb in the first hit. To preserve the green, place your lighter near the edge of a bowl with the flame pointing away from the bowl, then inhale to pull the flame into a corner of the bowl. The flame should travel directly down the corner, leaving the rest of the herb untouched.

Keep The Drool In Your Mouth

One of the biggest complaints among smokers is saliva on their smoking tools. We get it: mouths are wet. That doesn’t mean you have to share that fact with everyone. To keep your pipe or cigarette dry, try to smoke with the outer part of your lips. If you have excessive saliva in your mouth, it might be because you’re dehydrated. Drink some water to help with that. If you’re rolling a blunt, check with your crew if they don’t mind you using saliva to seal it. Some less icky alternatives include blunt glue, honey and gum strips from rolling papers.

Clear The Bong

Taking huge bong rips isn’t for everyone, we know. The thing is, stale smoke is an obstacle to tasty smoke from fresh herb. If you need to stop smoking in order to cough, cover the mouthpiece with your hand, finish your business, then get right back in there. Not only will you save your friends from inhaling your leftovers, you’ll be praised as a bong smoking champ!

Puff Puff Pass

It’s a well-known mantra for a reason: don’t hold onto the pipe/cigarette/blunt once you’re done! Pass it to the left-hand side as soon as you’re done and able. Don’t put it on the table. Don’t start telling a story. Don’t check your phone. Pass it.

Make Sure The Bowl/Cigarette Isn’t Cashed

Not everybody likes getting the butt end of a bowl. With hand pipes, the last few inhales carries the risk of inhaling debris (often called “scooby snacks”) which taste gross. As such, check with your friends whether or not they want to inhale an ashy bowl, as they might not be paying attention. If someone takes a cashed hit, make sure they get the next fresh hit. Once the bowl is officially “cashed”, try to clear out the pipe of leftover debris. Don’t be a jerk and dump it on a surface someone would want to keep clean (carpet, bed, kitchen table, etc). Clear it out in your hand or into an ashtray. If you’re smoking a cigarette, ashing after every few hits is important as it allows for easier lighting of herb/tobacco. It also prevents any spilling of ashes. To avoid inhaling debris with a cigarette, make sure to roll with a filter tip

Now that you know proper protocol, you should be sure to get along with all of your smoke buddies! And make sure to check out for your choice of bongs, hand pipes, rolling papers or any other smoke tools!