A Look At The Grav Labs Helix Collection

A Look At The Grav Labs Helix Collection

As their implies, the glass artists at Grav Labs are all about applying science to smoking. Their first creation - The Gravitron - adapted frat-boy engineering into the most sophisticated gravity bong ever made. Ever since then, they’ve been consistently innovating with their STAX series of stackable glass parts and their visually-stunning Upline percolator collection. One of these innovations is the Helix Chamber; a glass design they’ve incorporated across several product types.

The Tornado Effect

The Helix Chamber is a funnel shaped glass piece that has tiny holes angled up in the same direction to guide airflow. Thanks to this design, smoke traveling through the chamber swirls in tornado-like shape. This phenomena is due to Bernoulli’s Principle, which basically means that the speed of air coming through the pipe increases due to the holes. This is similar to what the carb hole on a hand pipe do. When the holes are placed on opposite sides of the chamber, the air streams come together and begin to twist around each other. Not only does this look cool, it also cools down your smoke, slows the burning (conserving your material) and creates an insanely smooth hit.

A Waterless Percolator

One of the best things about the Helix Chamber is that it’s a way to make smoking easier for both wet and dry pipes. Unlike a percolator, helix chambers usually sit near the mouthpiece of a bong, as is the case with Grav Labs’ Stemless Helix Straight Tube. With no percolator, this dab rig still hits smoothly due to the helix that sits right above the domed splashguard. You get all the benefits of a perc without the annoyance of having to clean it once you’re done smoking. Other bongs with Helix Chambers include Grav’s Helix Nano Straight Tube and Helix Flare Bong. With these two pipes, the helix chamber makes the mouthpiece, which allows for easy mouth placement as it has the shape of a baby bottle top.

Helix Hand Pipes

The Helix design extends to a line of hand pipes as well. The most basic of these pipes is the Helix Chillum, which despite it’s small bowl, has a wide helix chamber for lots of smoke. And the holes on the chamber mean you’ll get much cooler hits than a regular chillum. Grav also has a series of spoon pipes with this design: the Full Size Helix Classic Pipe and the Mini Helix Classic Pipe. The chillum’s shape has been used as a basis for some of Grav’s bubblers, all of which have detachable mouthpieces that act as a chillums themselves. The chillum is also the basis for Grav’s vaporizer line, which feature helix-shaped glass mouthpieces. A separate mouthpiece adapter for vape pens is sold separately.

Now that your interest is piqued, head to DankStop.com to find the Helix piece that you’re looking for!