Classy Bongs: Pipes For The Mature Crowd

classy bongs: pipes for the mature crowd

Want a water pipe that gives off class and sophistication? We at DankStop think all bongs are beautiful, but we know that certain pipes give off more off a mature vibe than others. That could be due to simple and clean design or old-world charm. Whichever reason it is, there are few businesses whose bongs would fit into any mature decor.

My Bud Vase

If what you want from a water pipe is discretion mixed with attractive design, My Bud Vase should be at the top of the list. Entrepreneur Doreen Sullivan had the novel idea of converting flower vases into water pipes. The idea came to her while she was admiring a Venetian antique vase on her shelf and thought to herself “why not a pipe?”. Already an antiquing enthusiast, she was inspired to find the most distinctive vases and convert them into water pipes by adding rubber grommets, downstems and bowls. Her goal with her bud vases was to change the view of the water pipe as a symbol of unambitious youth and instead reflect a culture of sophistication and high art. Doreen lovingly names each piece based on its physical attributes; a wide, light blue beaker is dubbed “Oceania” and pristine white bottle is given the title “Alabaster”. The array of vases Doreen chooses makes each bud vase one of a kind. She has a pipe for anyone’s tastes. For more info on My Bud Vase, check out our article My Bud Vase: Vintage Meets Visionary.

Sheldon Black Glass

The crew at Sheldon Black Glass also aspire to make classy bongs, though they take inspiration from a more masculine aesthetic. Despite their focus in high functioning scientific glass, Sheldon Black models their colors and accents on mid 1800’s male fashion. They particularly focus on the derby hat, which is part of their logo along with their initials in an “old-timey” font. In terms of colored glass, they produce a variety, but focus mainly on opaque black glass on top of clear scientific glass. Some of their pieces boast black + white decals in the style of 1800s illustrations. One of these illustrations is on their Grasso 13” Straight Can Water Pipe, which features a very classy suspendered man walking a tightrope.

Keep these brands in mind if you want to smoke with class and sophistication!