Amber Accented Tree Perc Water Pipe w/ Ashcatcher Bowl
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Accented Tree Perc Water Pipe w/ Ashcatcher Bowl

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$ 54.00
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Product Details:
Authorized retailer of Nucleus
Joint Size:
14mm female
11.5 inches
  • Nucleus bong
  • clear glass
  • colored glass
  • removable downstem
  • tree perc
  • ice catcher
  • 45° joint
  • female joint
  • 14mm joint
  • flared mouthpiece

Product Description

Having two downstems in one bong makes for increased filtration. The Accented Tree Perc Water Pipe w/ Ashcatcher Bowl has a unique slide which has its own fixed downstem. The ascatcher bowl has a 45° angled, 14mm male joint. It only needs a small amount of water to activate diffusion with the smoke after lighting and inhaling. The bowl fits perfectly into the 18mm to 14mm removable downstem. The diffused downstem's three inch length leads into the oddly shaped, 3.5" wide base. The slits at the bottom of the downstem continue the diffusion process further. As if this was not enough to diffusion, at the beginning of the neck of the Accented Tree Perc Water Pipe w/ Ashcatcher Bowl there is a tree perc. This tree perc has four arms with similar cuts to the removable downstem. Smoke travels into the base of the tree perc and flows through each arm before reaching the three pinch ice catcher. Located directly above the tree perc, the ice catcher holds ice in the center of the neck to cool down the smoke on its way up the bong. So basically with the Accented Tree Perc Water Pipe w/ Ashcatcher Bowl, you receive smoke that has been filtered multiple times and is cooled to an optimal temperature for guaranteed smoothness. The Accented Tree Perc Water Pipe w/ Ashcatcher Bowl comes in your choice of color accents or entirely clear. The color accents can be found on the ashcatcher bowl, base, and flared mouthpiece. There are nucleus decals on the neck of the bong, the rim of the ashcatcher bowl, and the diffused downstem. The rest of the bong is made with clear glass. Pick up this great daily driver today for a very reasonable price and experience the smooth tokes it can consistently produce.

Product Warranty & Certifications

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Optional Protection Plan Available with Piece Protect.
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Product Features

clear glass
This piece features sleek and clean clear glass that allows you to watch this concentrate rig or water pipe function. Clear glass allows you to watch the bubbles stack as your smoke/vapor percolates
colored glass
This piece features beautiful colored glass accents that give it a unique and aesthetically appealing appearance. Colored glass is one of the many features that can make this piece stand out in your glass collection
removable downstem
A downstem is a glass tube that allows smoke to travel from the joint to a chamber of a bong. Removable downstems provide multiple benefits as they filter smoke with their slits or holes while their removability allows for an easier cleaning process.
tree perc
When it comes to tree percs, the more arms it has the more diffusion that can happen, creating a larger separation of the smoke. The arms of the tree usually have slits on the side and are constructed with either a closed or open bottom. Smaller slits lead to smaller bubbles which results in more diffusion, filtration, and percolation.
ice catcher
An ice catcher is a pinched place in the neck of the water pipe that allows the user to put ice cubes into the pipe. The smoke passes through the ice and is cooled for smoother hits
45° joint
This item features a joint at a diagonal 45º angle. Use with other 45º pipes and accessories.
female joint
This item features a female joint. It will fit all male jointed pipes and accessories of the same size.
14mm joint
This item features a 14mm joint size. It will fit 14mm pipes/accessories of the opposite gender.
flared mouthpiece
Flared mouthpieces have elevated glass around the mouthpiece which make it conform perfectly to your mouth for superior comfort and an airtight seal while smoking.

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