Getting The Perfect Bong Rip

The bong is a scientific marvel; it combines hydro-engineering and glassworking into an almost perfect smoking device that provides potency, smoothness and ease of use. Using a bong isn’t rocket science, but maximizing its use makes smoking even more enjoyable. Let’s take a look at how you can do just that.

Adding water

The water in your bong filters and cools your smoke. This - in addition to the pipe’s size - allows for you to take larger hits of herb/tobacco. So how much water should you add? That depends on how your bong is constructed. The standard bong has a glass downstem that enters the bottom chamber diagonally. The downstem guides your smoke into the water, so the water level in your bong has to at least cover the opening of the downstem. If your downstem has slits, the water should cover those as well. With the downstem at the minimum level of coverage, you’ll get a hit with minimal drag and lots of smoke. You also don’t have to worry about water splashing into your mouth. If you want cooler and smoother smoke with more drag and less smoke, put more water in the bong than is necessary. More water also means you can clear the bong faster.  If your bong doesn’t have a downstem, the water should cover the joint that connects the bowl to the bong.

You may also want to consider the temperature of water you’re using. Most people fill the bong with cold water for convenience. Cold water condenses smoke, making it more potent but also a bit harsh for some. The crispness of a cold bong hit is great for a hot day. Warm water is an option for those who want a smoother inhale since warm water is slightly more soluble than cold water. That means it takes away a small amount of your smoke’s potency. If you re-use your bong water, it will be at a moderate room temperature without any strong effect on your experience. Leaving old water in a bong will make it harder to clean, however.

Packing A Bowl

Before you pack your bowl, you should grind your herb. While you could probably fit a clump of herb into your bowl, ground herb is easier to inhale and burns more evenly. To make your inhale even easier, make sure to pack the bowl loosely so there’s a good amount of airflow. Make sure to pick out any stems as well.

Taking A Rip

To smoke a bong, you have to light the herb/tobacco while inhaling and then remove the bowl in order to clear the chamber. You should wait until the smoke reaches your mouth before removing the bowl. If you want to make sure each inhale you or your friends take has fresh flavor, learn how to corner your bowl. Don’t think that you have to clear the entire bong in one rip; you can cover the mouthpiece with your hand and exhale before inhaling again. If you’re with your friends, you can also pass them the bong and they can clear it. Since your herb burns for a bit after you light it (a fire often referred to as a “cherry”), you can place your bowl back on the joint and inhale again before it goes out.

Now that you know how to get the most out of your bong, head to to find the best water pipe for you!