How To Roll a Cigarette

Are you interested in learning the ancient art of rolling cigarettes? That’s a wise decision; rolling your own cigarettes is not only a great way to enjoy a purer smoke, it’s also fun! Let us give you a crash course in rolling.

Things You’ll Need

-tobacco or dry herbs (which will be referred to from now on as “herb”)
-grinder (make sure it’s a grinder that grinds very finely such as Santa Cruz Shredder or Phoenician Engineering)
-rolling papers (if you’re new to rolling, use wood papers-which have a rougher texture-such as Zig-Zag or Futurola)
-filter tips (included with OCB Papers and can be bought separately through RAW Papers)
-rolling tray
-tweezers (optional)
-pen/pencil (optional)

    The Steps

    1. Grind Your Herb

    You can’t make a good J with nugs, so make sure to grind them first. In addition to grinding, you can also rub the herb between your fingers to make it even softer. Once you’re done grinding, leave it inside till it’s time to place it on the paper.

    2. Roll Your Filter Tip

    Filter tips come in cardboard strips which you must personally roll. To start, take the end of a strip and fold the smallest M-shape possible out of one of the ends. Next, you’ll roll that end to the other side, making as tight a cylinder as possible. When the filter is done, place it on one end of your rolling paper with the exposed end of it facing downward. Then, fold one side of the paper over the tip with your thumb and forefinger.

    3. Load Herb Onto Paper

    Make sure you’re holding your folded rolling paper over your rolling tray (so it can catch any stray herb). Begin placing your ground herb into the paper, with slightly more on the side opposite the filter tip. Make sure you there’s a good amount of space free on the sides of the paper so you can close it later. If you want, pick out the stems with tweezers (or your fingers, though we wouldn’t recommend it) in order to leave only pure herb.

    4. Roll The Herb

    This is where many new rollers struggle, so take your time with this part. Put your hand opposite the side with the filter tip (which you’re still holding). Fold that side of the rolling paper with your thumb and forefinger and then rub both sets of fingers together simultaneously. As the herb begins to settle into a cylindrical shape, slowly move the hand that isn’t near the tip towards the tip in order to prevent clumping near the filter.

    5. Roll The Paper

    Once the herb has settled into a cylinder-shape, create a diagonal fold with the skinniest end overlapping the filter tip. Roll and tuck that end of the paper over the filter tip. Lick the opposite flap of the rolling paper, leaving the end opposite the filter tip dry. Roll the licked part of the paper closed. The paper should now look like a cylinder. Leave the open end of the cylinder a bit loose.

    6. Compact The Herb

    With your cylinder completed, tap the filter end of it on the rolling tray in order to compact the herb into it. If you have a pen or pencil, you can use that to push the herb down even more. If there’s a lot of space left in the cylinder (let’s say about a third left) feel free to pack in some stray herb on your rolling tray. Just make sure to still leave some room free (let’s say about a quarter of the cylinder).

    7. Twist It Closed

    Lick the flap of the open end of your cylinder and then twist it shut. You don’t need to make it extremely tight, just tight enough to where you don’t need to worry about it opening. Once closed, you can smoke the J immediately by lighting the twisted end and inhaling. You can also save it for later in a (preferably smell-proof) container like the Doob Tube or stash box like those made by Stash Logix.

    Now that you can roll your own cigarettes, you’ll be the envy of your friends and family! Make sure to get your rolling tools from DankStop.Com to ensure the highest quality! Happy Smoking!