How Do I Use My Concentrate?

Many smokers avoid concentrates since the most common methods of smoking (rolling papes, hand pipes, dry herb bongs, etc) aren’t feasible with these substances. While that’s partially true, there are still plenty of simple ways you can use concentrates

Dab Rigs

The dab rig is the most effective way to enjoy concentrates. Similar to dry herb bongs, a dab rig provides water filtration to deliver smooth hits with plenty of natural flavor. Glass dab rigs are sturdy and can be aesthetically pleasing parts of your home decor. While most dab rigs are meant to be used in/near the home, some rigs are small and portable enough to be taken elsewhere. In order to dab with a dab rig, you need a nail to put concentrates on and a torch to heat the nail beforehand. For maximum effectiveness, you also need a dome for your nail, a dabber to pick up concentrates and a carb cap to trap vapor. For more efficiency, there are E-Nails (electronic nails) that can self-heat.

Concentrate Vaporizers

Vaporizers - also called vapes - are the most efficient way to enjoy concentrates. Vapes are electronic devices that allow you to inhale vaporized concentrates. All you have to do is place your concentrate in an oven chamber and the vape does the work. Concentrate vapes are generally pen-sized, though dual use vaporizers (those meant to work with dry herbs/tobacco as well) can be the size of a walkie-talkie. Because of the small size, you can take your vape anywhere and store your concentrate inside. Vapes are a great way to discretely smoke since onlookers can’t tell what’s in them and they have reduced smell. For more information on vaporizers, check out Why Use A Vaporizer?

Nectar Collector

Nectar collectors provide the water filtration of a dab rig with the portability of a bubbler. The nectar collector is a glass water pipe that ends in a metal tube. The tube is similar to a nail: you heat it up with your torch and then press it into concentrate (which is usually stored in a glass dish) and inhale. The nectar collector is great for groups since it can be easily passed around. Nectar collectors generally come in parts, which include a chamber for water, a downstem and the metal tube. This makes them easy to clean. For more information on nectar collectors, check out our article How The Nectar Collector Changed The Dabbing Game.

Wax Chillum

Wax chillums are the smallest and least complex tool to be used for concentrates. Just like dry herb chillums, wax chillums are designed to give smokers quick, direct hits. These pipes are glass tubes connected to dishes that concentrates are placed on. A torch is used to heat the dish beforehand.

Now that you know your options, head to to see our collection of dab rigs, concentrate vaporizers, nectar collectors and wax chillums.