NY Art Exhibit Features One Of A Kind Heady Glass

NY Art Exhibit Features One Of A Kind Heady Glass outlaw glass

As smoking culture gains more acceptance, several art galleries have taken the opportunity to showcase some of America's most innovative heady glass artists. David Bienenstock - the former Head of Content of High Times - has been a key player in smoking culture for years, making him the perfect curator for the non-profit ApexArt gallery's "Outlaw Glass" exhibit.

Running until May 27, this exhibit endeavors to show - according to its press release - "how the most exciting movement in art glass today comes from those creating innovative, high-end artifacts that just happen to double to double as tools for...". You can fill in the rest.

smokin' sasquatch coyle

These artifacts include Smokin' Sasquatch by Coyle and Hawaii Beaker by Stevie P and Jupiter Nelson.

 heady glass art

The most noteworthy contributor to the exhibit is veteran glassblower Bob Snodgrass, considered the Father of Heady Glass, Colored Glass, and Fumed Glass.

bob snodgrass

Bob Snodgrass began blowing glass in the 70s and became famous for his Grateful Dead-themed bongs - often called "Snoddys" - which have become iconic in the smoking community. Bob's work is joined by Bobby Snodgrass IV, Virginia Snodgrass-Gietl and several other talented glass artists at the exhibit, located on 291 Church Street in Manhattan NY.

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Images courtesy of ApexArt, Huffington Post and Cornerstone Glass